Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Tantric Massage London From Sanctum Tantric

Hello and welcome to the very exclusive and elite London massage parlour, Sanctum Tantric. Sanctum is a newly founded massage parlour in London which brings class, passion and excitement to the tantric massage London industry.

Although Sanctum is a newly established massage parlour this does not mean to say that you will not be treated like royalty or enjoy your time here with there very beautiful and independent girls.

Sanctum Tantric are home to around 15 gorgeous girls at the moment but these are all of cause up to the standards which we set as a massage parlour and bring all the right skills and requirements which are needed to be the biggest and best massage parlour in London.

Sanctum offers a London tantric massage in many areas across London which include Mayfair, Chelsea, central London and many more areas which you can see on the website. There are females available and ready in each location and you really have no excuse to experience one of these desirable girls.

You can view their website from the following link which I have provided you can contact the agency either by Phone or through the bookings form which you will see on the website.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Manchesters Best Hidden Gems

Manchester is home to a whole plethora of hidden gems, one of the finest being the Manchester escorts from the cities most renowned escort agency Exclusive Company Escort Agency. The ladies from Exclusive Company are sensationally beautiful and elegant, they are well educated and refined and take the breath of everyone that meets them. Manchester also has a number of other hidden gems, the first being Under New Management, 6 Barlow’s Croft, Salford, Manchester, M3 5DY. Under New Management, is a bar that has been voted one of the hardest to find in the world, it is a late night speakeasy that serves fabulous cocktails with a cool crowd and a buzzing atmosphere.

In the city centre is Corbieres wine cavern, 2 Half Moon Street, Manchester, M2 7PB, hidden away down a side street it’s a special little place that will impress friends and Exclusive Company. Oak barrels are positioned around the room and a cave like roof and low lighting make the wine cavern feel almost magical. The Manchester escorts love to have a glass of wine or two with friends or a discerning companion of an evening. The next gem is Gas Lamp, 50 Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 3BW, a subterranean drinking den that has a sensational white tiled Victorian interior. It has an almost other worldly feel and serves some fantastic ales and cocktails, coupled with a chilled atmosphere it’s the perfect place to relax with friends.

A very luxurious hidden gem is Epernay, Unit 1a, Great Northern Tower, Watson Street, Manchester, M3 4E. Epernay is a classic champagne bar that is hidden away from the bustle of Manchester in Petersfield near the Great Northern. The bar is beautiful with a sensational balcony overlooking the surrounding area, they serve world class champagnes and expertly made cocktails that tickle the taste buds. The Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company love to visit this hidden gem and sip on the finest champagne looking across Manchester.

For an achingly cool vintage inspired hidden gem that is suave, sophisticated and oozes sex appeal, The Fitzgerald, 11 Stevenson Square, Manchester, M1 1DB, is perfect. Hidden above the charming Rosylee Tea Room is this fabulous speakeasy bar that is all velvet, leather and dark wood. Guests feel as though they walked into the set of the Great Gatsby, its elegant and cool and serves a fabulous selection of drinks. It’s very exclusive just like Manchester escorts and the perfect place to go for an intimate date. 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

High Class London Escorts Love Art

London escorts who love art
It’s not totally unheard of for London escorts to enjoy a bit of art every now and then you know.  These gorgeous young creatures aren’t just pretty faces and fantastic bodies…
So imagine if you will perhaps meeting one of these fantastic women at a gallery or exhibition, or perhaps taking them along to one with you after lunch or dinner.  Any time spent with London Deluxes high class London escorts is going to be amazing of course, but spending it with an intelligent young woman who appreciates art like yourself could be even more magical.
What’s on for your London escort?
  • Pick me Up, Somerset House 23rd April – 4th May.  Somerset House is always a nice place to go with a partner and you and your London escort couldn’t ask for a nicer little exhibition than Pick me Up.  This is a wonderful showcase of interactive stands that allow new artists to display their work in a totally interactive environment.  This mini art festival also lets you get to know the artists personally as they discuss their inspirations and choices.
  • Original Print Fair, Royal Academy of Arts 23rd April – 26th April.  This is a wonderful chance to get your hands on some original print artwork.  The place will be crammed with art dealers from all over the world, selling old masterpieces and newer, future masterpieces!  This fair is a browsers heaven, it really is.
  • Gianni Piacentino at the Michael Werner Gallery 23rd April – 30th June.  Piacentino is a world renowned sculptor who has a passion for the way things work above all else.  It might sounds slightly odd, and you may think sculptors usually create pieces of art work that are based in nature and humanity, but not Piacentino.  This Italian creates work that is based in the technological; primarily movement.
Dinner with your chosen companion
You know there are so many places in central London to choose from when it comes to eating out that to pick just one would be a crime.  It all depends on what you like to eat, or indeed what your companion likes to eat.  The good thing about having so many places to choose from is that you rarely have to book unless you plan to eat somewhere incredibly high end; then we’d recommend booking well in advance if you can.

Book your chosen companion now!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Top 5 Grooming Tips

Grooming isn’t just about presenting a clean and tidy appearance on the outside. Personal hygiene takes all aspects of health into consideration and this includes maintaining high standards of cleanliness, particularly in the intimate areas.
Before your appointment with Silk high class London escorts upgrade your personal grooming regime so that you feel ready for anything!
It is usual for a high class London escort to take care of all the touching up, trimming and general styling that is required. Whilst most men are happy with a quick maintenance check a gentleman understands the importance of correct personal grooming. Trimming, styling and freshening up should be standard practice for every man.

1. Keep It Clean

When considering cleanliness and grooming, men usually don't think too much about taking care of the genitals and pubic area. Basic washing is the normal practice for most men. A little extra attention to washing and maintenance really is worth the effort. Start by lathering up in the bath or shower and washing the penis and scrotum. Washing is a good thing that should be done well and often.

2. Manscaping

Men often neglect the task of keeping pubic hair in shape. If you prefer to keep things natural trimming around the edges instantly creates a more attractive and well groomed appearance. Use a wet/dry personal trimmer with a rotary feature to shape and trim the pubic hair in this sensitive area. Nail scissors are good for fine pruning but avoid depilatory creams, which contain chemicals and can irritate the skin.

3. Waxing Off

Whilst you may contemplate using wax to remove the hair on your arms, chest and back applying this molten mixture to the genital area is best avoided. If the smooth and nude appearance appears to you it is recommended that you take it pro and visit a salon for crotch and crack hair removal.

4. On The Nail

high class Mayfair escorts like to be touched by soft, manicured hands. Hands that are clean and have nicely trimmed nails are far more appealing than rough, dry and calloused paws. A quick weekly nail trim should be part of your regular grooming routine.

5. Freshen Up

Stinky breath is off putting and easily detected by a fragrant and well groomed Mayfair escort. Brushing your teeth, flossing and using a mouthwash is good basic dental hygiene practice. Tongue care is also recommended as most men neglect to take care of this muscular organ. Remove the build up of bacteria by cleaning the tongue with a tongue scraper.

Why men like live sex cams

First off voyeurism is the sexual interest in or practice of spying on people engaged in intimate behaviors, such as undressing, sexual activity or other actions usually considered to be of private nature. We all like a good film with a naked women at some point in a scene and countless times voyeurism is implemented without anybody even knowing, so for example a man could be peeking through a door at a women getting dressed who would be a famous actress with sex appeal.

Live sex cams are mostly free so this straight away entices men to give it ago, along with being free its complete easy access straight from home using the internet. On the live sex cam sites it’s easy for men to go for what they want, with usually a long list of good looking women to talk to is just a few clicks away. Sex can be a drug to some men depending on personality it can be addicting and with live sex cams it feels more personal to the man because he can interact with any women he wants to on the web page and revisit the same women again and again so this gives it a personal trustworthy feel. This links back to voyeurism because even though most of the time they can see each other, most likely the man is never going to see the women in person.

Overall live sex cams have many benefits too, you won’t have to go out and take a lady on an expensive night out to impress her or you won’t have that fear of getting rejected by a women. You will be able to sit in the own comfort of your own home and use the website for free and you are able to pick out of many beautiful women to interact with.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Booking your Knightsbridge VIP Escort

The Knightsbridge area based in the South west of London remains one of the most exclusive and elite shopping areas of London. Home to the former Prime Ministers, Celebrities and most notably, the world famous Harrods department store, Knightsbridge is the essence of elegance and the perfect place to take your London escort.

Everything in Knightsbridge remains completely exclusive, including the beautiful and charismatic Model escort Christina from the International Bunnies Escort Agency. Because our agency is a London based escort agency, our VIP Knightsbridge escorts, like Christina and Alexandra, know the best places to visit and the most intimate restaurants and hotels.

If you want to take your Knightsbridge Escort out shopping or for afternoon stroll, why not visit the huge Harrods department store and pick up something special for your date. Our high class escorts are refined young women so you’ll enjoy easy conversation and their undivided attention as you enjoy a leisurely stroll around the exclusive boutiques and fine restaurants.

If you hope to enjoy afternoon tea with your model escort, why not visit the Jumeirah Carlton Tower for flowing conversation and a traditional English treat. Our escorts love to embrace English traditions and enjoy nothing more than a relaxing pot of English tea and conversation with a gentleman who knows exactly what he wants. After tea, why not invite your VIP companion to visit your hotel suite for a relaxing glass of champagne whilst you discuss the highlights of your day.
For those who prefer a busy nightlife, Our London escorts love to let their hair down and dance the night away. Whether it’s sipping champagne in an exclusive Knightsbridge Bar like the Blues Bar in the Berkley Hotel or drinks and dancing in an elite London nightclub. One things for sure, you’ll have an unforgettable evening.

Fine dining in Knightsbridge couldn’t be simpler with our High Class London escorts. Your chosen model escort loves to enjoy the finer things in life and knows the exclusive restaurants like the back of her hand. Why not treat your escort to an evening of French cuisine at Gordon Ramsey’s Petrus or award winning sea food at the Michelin starred Outlaws at the Capital.

After an evening soaking up the ambiance of the cosmopolitan Knightsbridge borough, why not retreat to a five star hotel like the Mandarin Oriental for intimate drinks in your private suite.
If you want to book a high class model escort in the Knightsbridge borough of London. Why not give International Bunnies a call to discuss your requirements. Our concierge service is happy to arrange an evening with the woman of your dreams.

We also cater the discerning gentleman on other areas of London and around the world too. Please visit our website to see all the beautiful and educated models that we have available. Bookings can be made by telephone or via the website.
Are you ready to try things the International Bunnies way?

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

New Michelin star Chef comes to Cheshire

World renowned and Michelin star head chef Nigel Haworth has released exciting news this week, that he will be opening his first cheshire pub in Haughton moss. This beautiful 17th century building has been given a thorough modern makeover to make it more of a typical Michelin star restaurant. At the launch party was several of our beautiful Chester escorts with clients who gave us their opinions of the highly anticipated pub.

The launch party took place last weekend who also announced at the time that his next business adventure will be in Cheshire’s Alderley Edge and our Alderley edge escorts will be very excited by this news. Nigel is one of England's finest chefs and has successfully held its Michelin star for the past 18 years at his Lancashire restaurant Northcote.

The pubs standards have been set very high as the latest addition to the growing stable of ribble Valley Inns. Like the others, Nigel has created the menu taking inspiration from his previous menus along with local dishes and influences. Some of the most greatly received dishes by our beautiful Cheshire escorts was the delicious Lancashire hotpot and of course the pub classic of steak and chips. Although this isn't your average pub fun, ooh no! The beautiful Amelia raved of her burger, “ that was the nicest burger I have ever eaten, barr none”, whilst my steak was cooked to perfection and was very tender.

Its evident by the interior that no expense has been spared in modernising and glamorising this beautiful English pub. It would be an excellent destination to visit with your high class Chester escorts to eat from its fantastic menu or simply soak up the summer sun with a glass of wine or a cocktail in its beautiful beer garden.

As Nigel completes one of his projects, his eyes are already focused on his next with tit set to be located in the beautiful leafy Cheshire town of Alderley edge. This news comes greatly received by the local residents and Alderley edge escorts who are full of praise of the continual rise on the Manchester food scene. It is expected that it is only a matter of time until Manchester re-earns its Michelin star status due to the excellent work of fellow Michelin star chefs Aiden Byrne and Simon Rogan who have both opened restaurants in Manchester recently.