Monday, 14 April 2014

Prices in London

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. As it is closer to home we tend to not realise but London is up there with New York, Paris, Rome and Hong Kong for the most expensive places to live and work. A recent article that came to my attention proves this point exactly as Bond street (both Old and New) has some of the highest rent prices per sq foot of anywhere in Europe. This applies largely to the more commercial areas as this is a street laden with shopping outlets but verifies that prices in London are sky-rocketing.

A segment on BBC news showed how the housing bubble was increasing beyond comprehension in the city as more and more estate agents are opening in the city. This means that each agency is getting fewer sales and struggling to maintain their share in the market. The one benefit is with higher prices each sale is much more valuable to each business, and if recent form has shown us anything though it is that when prices rise in London they very rarely fall. This means that the centre is becoming even more exclusive and commuters are having to move further away from the city.

Bond Street retail space has been valued at £838 per sq foot and that is the equivalent of more than 3 hours with an escort from Ladies London Escorts. The major brands though are paying these premium prices to have the honour of being a feature on one of the most exclusive shopping streets in the world. Underwear brand La Perla have famously paid Gina Footwear a price in the ball park of £5 million for a relatively small shop on Old Bond Street. This is escalation of the highest level with increases of 15% in the past year.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Busty London Escorts

When it comes to having a successful date then you need two main things. A great companion and a great location. London is home to many great venues which make for an enjoyable evening and you are sure to have the best time. So now you only have to find an amazing companion. But where to look and how to find the right women. Well Dream escorts is home to such beautiful, elegant women that you will be amazed they are still single. You have the opportunity to be on a date with a girl that you will have dreamed abut for some time. They really are immaculate from head to toe and all available to date in the great city of London. We have an images of one of the girls below to show you why they are the best busty London escorts.

So what can you expect from this dating experience? Well each of the girls are what you call your dream companion. They all have their individual talent and sparkling personality's which you will have a pleasure getting to know. They work hard to ensure that your dating experience is out of this world. There portfolio of women is truly special and we can not talk more highly about each of them. Find that women who will change everything is of course important and when you have the opportunity to date one of these girls you standard of women will change and be left wondering why your other partners were not like this. These girls work hard to be at the top of there game so you can appreciate everything about them.

So when you have an amazing experience you will be looking to have it with a beautiful women so try dream as they have everything you need. They have great staff who will give you everything you need and help arrange your romantic evening. They will be sure to have a fun evening with you, so do not be shy and choose a dream model today. Below is a picture of the beautiful Ally who shows you why they are truly special. I hope that you choose to have a great evening in London with your dream companion. 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

London- the Billionaires Playground

As most people will be aware, London has come under a lot of criticism due to the immense interest and investment from overseas into residential properties in prime locations. However when we look at the number of billionaires across the world, 2,170 to be exact, then we can start to spot certain patterns and trends in which they look to strengthen their financial grip and exploit potential investments. Including the reoccurring themes of sport franchises, art collections, exclusive London escorts and properties in London are seen as very proficous opportunities.

The average billionaire, if that is right to say, has at least £10 million worth of residential property in London, with the most common locations found within the affluent triangle of Mayfair, Belgravia and Knightsbridge. The most common type of property is not luxurious penthouse suites and apartments, but rather large family homes and mansions, with 6 bedrooms as standard. They also take their security very seriously with many of the houses being fitted with the latest and most secure protection including iris recognition and individual panic rooms are a very common feature.

So what it is about London that is attracting all of the billionaires to the terraced streets of Mayfair and London and not the beautiful French riviera or Tuscany? Well London is now officially the most visited city in the world, and this increase in the volume of tourism has lead to some of the finest facilities for tourism and business anywhere in the world. Luxurious hotels, Michelin star restaurants, and even a London escort agency are common sight in central London, and it certainly provides a pleasant bounty for those who can afford to drink from its nectar. Be it the bankers, businessmen or the exclusive London escorts that live here.

The overseas investment from aid billionaires and elite businessmen has both positive and negative affects on the economy, while continuing to price out the local people of central London to the suburbs, and surrounding counties, while continuing to stimulate the overall wealth of the economy. Frankly the positives outweigh the negatives and we welcome the billionaires and their London escorts to invest in the city and further enrich the economy.  

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Things to do in the city of Paris

Paris is a capital of culture and a global icon of tourism. There are millions of people who visit the country for a number of reasons - many of these travellers are young couples who are simply enjoying the city for what it is. Paris is not somewhere where people go for the weather necessarily however it does get really nice and hot during the summer and becomes a picturesque snowy scene during the winter. The climate is very much like the united Kingdom. People go to Paris becasue there are so many things to do around the the city so i have decided to create this to show you some of the things that you can do - hopeful there will be some that you have not thought of yet.

A view across the city of Paris

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel tower. The Eiffel tower Is probably the the most photograph thing in Paris and one of the most famous buildings in the world and a primary reason for why people go the city. I would recommend that you pkan trip up the tower on a week day and sometime when it is not peak season becasue you could be waiting for a very long time!

Arc De Triomphe

There is a similar structure in London called the marble arch but, this is the original one. The Arc Is pretty much in the centre of a Paris and is an owe inspiring thing to see. If you get a picture of this and share it on Facebook i am sure that your friends will be jealous.

Paris escorts

There is a popular escort agency called She international which provides Paris escorts. I am one who likes to be in the company of a hot lady from time to time so if i am on a business or pleasure trip to the city of Paris then i always make sure that i book an escort for the evening when i am bored.  Escort agencies such as She international arrange an escort date with high class women who are real models in some cases which is pretty cool becasue i have dated some ladies from this website who i would never be able to pull in real life.

Visit an Art gallery

Paris is one of the bes places in the world to see original artwork. One of the best of all of these is the Musée de l'Orangerie which is just massive. If you love art then you have to go to this gallery!

So there is my ideas! please comment if you have any more to share.

Things to do in London's west end

The west end of London is the capital of fashion in the city. It is one of those places that you will have to visit if you are coming for your first time and haven't had a chance to explore what what London really has to offer. The west end is a huge par of London so you would have to try pretty hard to miss it out completely but, i wanted to create this little guide to give you a better idea of what is going on the city so that you can make a better decision when you are actually there becasue as you may have heard it is pretty hectic!

Firstly for a newcomer to London you need to know how to get around. The best way to do this is by a taxi or the Tube. Aside from these two methods of transport you will only need you feet becasue generally the tube will place you close to a taxi or your final destination. If you are a looking for a bit of fun then there is always the Boris bike system which is cheap and easy to use. Its just whether you can be bothered biking around! I personally thought the Boris bikes were awesome last time i was in the city.


The Burlington Arcade London

the first thing that someone might know about the west end of London is that is amazing for shopping. There are some of the most high class shops in the situated within the streets of the west end - many of which are unique to the world. I love the Regents street becasue of its pure class. Regents street is one of any famous areas that attract millions of tourists every year and for this reason i will highly recommend that you have a little shop around a see if there is something you like. If not it is simply good just explore the city for what it is.

West end escorts

A female escort from the Grosvenor girls escort agency

The west end is more "up market" in comparison to the east end in many peoples opinion; there is a lot of money floating around. For this reason this is where most escort agencies offer there services to clients becasue they know that there is a lot money there... Why is this important to you? Well for the simple reason that men love to be in the company of women. escort agencies in the west end such as Grosvenor girls can provide a lady to take you out for a dinner date and feel like a special man. I mean who would want to feel special?


The Palace theatre London

The theatre is more a traditional thing to do so it will not everyone's cup of tea. There are a lot of shows going on from day to day here though so if this takes you fancy there will be something which will catch your eye. There is a great website which keeps updates on theatre events called event full. Obviously if you are already in London you don't want to be trawling through the internet trying to find a good good show so this website just simplifies it for you.


The empire Casino

We have all seen James Bond right? Well how about living the swag lifestyle that he did by visiting one of the numerous Casinos. Even if you do not want to spend any money it is really fun to watch other people play and the atmosphere is really cool. Most casinos have bars in them so you can always enjoy a drink in luxury, even if they are really expensive!

So there you have it, some ideas for what you can do in the west end of London. If you have any other ideas that you would like to share with other people them please comment below.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Adult Party London

Well you can find so many great places in London for you to have a great time. The best venues can all be found here and when you know the best places for you to attend and you are in for one wild evening. The party goes on all week and you can have the choice of many great themes and locations. That's right not only do you have a different party each week you will have the choice of different venues around London. Paradise adult parties is the agency which can provide all this and you can visit no matter what your plans are in the evening.

If you are already located in London or over on business or pleasure then we encourage you to let your self go and join the paradise parties. You are sure to find one that ticks all the boxes for you and with them running each week you can be sure to fit them into your schedule. You will also have the opportunity to meet a beautiful single women. They have many girls who attend these events and you will be sure to meet the women for you. On the paradise website you can see which of the girls will be attending individual events. They have new girls recruiting all year round so be sure to keep your eye out for any new talent. The best way to be informed of these kind of updates is to follow them on twitter and facebook.

Come and join the party and learn more about all the events. Everything you need to know can be found on the website and if you require more information then do not hesitate to give them a call, as there staff are on hand all day to answer your questions. London is the best place to party and you can be in the middle of it all. This is the latest news from this agency so make sure you keep updated with there latest events. We hope this news post helps and that you have an amazing time when you come and visit London.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

My thoughts on Youtube

The other day i was asked whether or not I like YouTube, well the answer is a little bit yes and a little bit no. You see I used to love YouTube, I was constantly on it, back when I was stuck in the basement of the recruitment office in Buckingham Palace Road, some days the voices on there would be the only voices I heard all day except for my own. I use YouTube a little differently these days, you see it is very good for SEO ( search engine optimisation ) and most importantly brings your brand to a whole new audience, for those reasons I love YouTube and the fact you can see beautiful pictures ladies such as dior escorts. What has really killed it for me is all the adverts they now place everywhere. OK I know that you have got to make money but come on guys every video we load up we have to wait and select not to watch the advert, isn't there some way you could do this where we select if we want to even start watching adverts.

This leads me nicely onto how I got about building the videos we place on YouTube, most of the time I use the pictures of the girls add a banging sound track, a little clever editing and with a hour we have a promo clip that showcases what we have to offer, the best girls in London. Just recently James has been investing in having the girls filmed professionally, very upmarket. We have been using a great producer over in West London who captures the girls in such great lights; many of these videos are shoot in his studio but sometimes the girls are taken to locations, these are namely the five star hotels based around London, a suite is hired for the day and we can end up with around 5 girls being film. The footage that comes back from these is amazing and is such great fun when I have to do the editing, of course I only ever use a Mac, before coming to work here I was always PC based and thought that you couldn't get any better, being able to delve into the depths of programmes was really my thing but my mind has been changed, I have now joined the masses and a converted Apple fun whom worships at the altar of Steve Jobs, of course I will be going to see the film, bag of popcorn in one hand Mini IPad in the other.