Friday, 27 November 2015

The Best Hotels for your Booking with a London Escort.

London hotels

If you’re visiting London it is very important to think carefully about where you want to stay and what you want to do. Choosing the right hotel can be the difference between a good trip and an amazing one, you really need to find somewhere that allows you to feel comfortable and at home while still being in a convenient location. In this article I am making it my goal to help you in making the decision as to which hotel is perfect for you, I have chosen my personal favourite hotels in London and I will be expanding upon my reasoning behind these choices.

The Ritz

No list of London hotels would be complete without the famous Ritz hotel. While not quite as world famous as its French counterpart, this hotel is perfect for those who are looking for a classy and luxurious hotel in London. This hotel has proved incredible for me, especially when I make bookings with some of the gorgeous high class London escorts that are available throughout the city. Their excellent customer service is even better than you would expect of a prestigious hotel such as this, and the superb décor really sets it apart from the rest if you can afford the price tag.

Strand Palace Hotel

If you’re looking for location rather than class then you will really struggle to find a better hotel than the Strand Palace hotel. This hotel is situated very close to both Covent Gardens and the Picadilly tube line which is just one of the things that separates it from the alternatives. This is definitely one of the most accessible hotels in London and I would recommend it to any potential tourists.

Shangri-La Hotel

If you’re visiting London for the first time, I think the Shangri-La hotel is definitely the most appropriate for you. The food and drink served is utterly amazing and the staff practically jump through hoops in order to keep you satisfied and they will work very hard to make sure your rooms are always spotless. You can also book a room on one of the upper floors which will allow you to get a better view of the city than can be seen from the London eye.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Bespoke Tantric Massage London

Bespoke Tantric Massage London is a brand new massage provider in the city. The masseuses that work for this agency offer their clients an experience completely tailored to the individual. Whether you are looking for a sensual massage or the full bathing massage and more, the experience your get from Bespoke Tantric will be second to none. All of the masseuses that work at with the company are professional providers of tantric massage and have a passion for the art, all to the benefit of the clients that they see.

Although this is a relatively new tantric massage establishment it is very quickly growing in popularity. The sensual tantric massage experience in London that is provided by Bespoke Tantric is one that puts a priority on the client and the knowledge that all the needs must not just be met but far surpassed. From the beauty of the masseuse to the talent for the techniques being practiced, it is essential to this massage provider that they know they only work with the very best people in the city of London.

Tantric massage is a growing type of relaxation in the city of London. It is an ancient art that descends from the Tantra of India and the Middle East. Over recent years more people are becoming familiar with the art and wanting to experience it for themselves and this has led to agencies needing to expand their knowledge and cater to the more discerning of clientele.

Bespoke Tantric are very quickly becoming one of the most sought after and popular tantric massage providers in London. Why not visit the website now and become one of the first to experience the quality and class of the personalised service that makes this agency stand out from the rest. Call or visit the website now and book yourself in for the massage of a lifetime.

Friday, 13 November 2015

What to look for with pornstar London escorts

When it comes to booking pornstar London escorts, what are the factors that one takes into consideration before reaching a decision. After all there are hundreds if not thousands of agencies located in London, so how do we narrow it down into finding precisely what is that we desire. We do what anyone would do when needing more information, we consult Google. more often that that, the websites that are on or around page 1 of Google for your keyword tend to be the ones that are the most reputable, as they can afford the investment needed to reach such positions.

Uk sugar babes are on such agency and are unquestionably one of the longest running and reputable London escort agencies around. They have been established for almost a decade, which says a great deal in this specific industry, where many agencies come and go. Seeing that familiar name gives a client a great deal of trust in the knowledge that they are dealing with an established agency that isn;t going to rip you off. In an industry whose reputation isn’t exactly the cleanest, being respected by your clientele is hugely important in retaining customers.

Uk sugar babes have managed to achieve this, by setting up several industry standards to ensure their clients come back happy and satisfied. one way of doing this is, by ensuring that all of a client's personal information remains strictly confidential and does not get passed onto any third parties, after all your privacy is their priority. The second id by making the booking process as straightforward and enjoyable as possible so that you can find the perfect companion, for you that is based in your area.

the final factors that UK sugar babes identified and it is perhaps the most obvious of the lot, and that is by ensuring that they only have the most beautiful and enthusiastic pornstar London escorts. So that every client can go home happy and satisfied.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Top 3 Museums in London

London is a very historic city, with a long past and it has undergone many different changes and it is always a very interesting place to find out more about, especially on the morning after a booking with a gorgeous high class London escort. In this article I’m going to be going over some of the amazing museums that can be found around the city, I would definitely recommend visiting them as London’s museums are some of the best in the world. You can spend hours making your way around any of them and they are truly magical establishments.

British museum

One of the many free museums that are always worth checking out is the British Museum. This is one of the most incredible and interesting museums in the world. This huge museum is definitely a job for more than one visit as you can definitely spend days exploring the exhibits and still not see everything. Their website is a great place to plan visits to ensure you see everything that you want to see.

Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum has an astonishing wealth of arts and crafts that makes it an incredibly interesting place to visit. They always put a great deal of effort into the presentation and display of their exhibits, because of this it is always very enjoyable to explore and you always learn something new. The free admission and great on-site café mean you can’t really let yourself miss out on the great information found here

Natural History Museum

Another museum that will allow to enter for free is the Natural History Museum, a gorgeous building with truly stunning architecture. There is a great amount of facts and historical information you can find in this amazing establishment. The exhibits are always very interesting to look at and feature impressive dinosaur skeletons and a giant blue whale exhibit which really helps to put into perspective the sheer size of these animals.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Flashy families

We would all love to have a bank balance with six or seven zero’s on the end, and be able to live a life with no limits. Imagine a multi-million pound mansion to call home, a flash sports car on the drive and a closet full of designer clothes, it’s the stuff many people’s dreams are made of. Channel five’s new programme Britain’sFlashiest Families is going to let those who dream of a millionaire lifestyle a peek into those who have one. Those featuring in the programme include some from Manchester and Cheshire, and not just the golden triangles multi-millionaire footballers but self-made millionaires who have worked their butts off to get where they are, with a few spoiled wives thrown in for good measure. The Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company Escorts agency will be tuning in to see what their multimillionaire friends from Manchester and Cheshire splash their cash on.

One of the pampered wives featured in the programme is enough to put you off money for life. Noelie Goforth is the wife of multi-millionaire business man Robin Goforth. Noelie’s spends her husband’s money like there is no tomorrow, the series opens with the programme following Noelie’s quest to buy the ultimate fashion accessory, not a Hermes bag or a Bentley but a coffin. In the show she is seen trying out various coffins by getting in them and closing the lid to ensure they are comfortable. She decides on a white coffin with a Perspex lid and wants pictures of her dogs and her husband placing with her and a few crystals, but not too many she declares, as she doesn’t want to look like a Marbella hooker. She also demands that mourners throw white roses on her coffin at her funeral or she will go made. Many would look on in horror, but not Robin, he smiles happily unfazed by her crazy requests.

Thankfully not all of this programmes featured families are as materialistic as Noelie, Manchester born entrepreneur Paul Hill has an inspiring rags to riches story. Paul left school at fifteen and set up his own burger van business, now at 27 he runs his own Vehicle wrapping business in Manchester and has clients that include a whole host of millionaire footballers. The programme will tell his story from his day’s working his burger van to his current enviable lifestyle and will show him splashing the cash on his own new luxury car.  He has worked fifteen hour days to get where he is and is a role model for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Developing your relationship with high class London escorts

It’s not about dating them in the conventional sense you understand of course?  It’s not about developing your relationship and whisking them away to get married!  But when it comes to high class London escorts, you can develop a relationship of sorts and it can be a very rewarding one indeed!

You already know that you’re remarkably lucky to have the opportunity of booking these high class London escorts whenever and wherever you want them, but when it comes to this level of escort you’re even luckier.  You see, if there’s anything that high class London escorts love, it’s regular bookings.  This is a career after all!
Now you know of course that once you get to know one of these girls, you’re likely to never want to let them go anyway!  The very best escorts will make you feel like a King when you come to visit, or they perhaps meet you for dinner when you’re away in London on business.  Also, these women genuinely look forward to visits from those they have seen before; they develop quite the “soft spot.”  When you think about it, it’s in a high class London companion’s best interests to know the person she’s going to be spending time with.

A mistress?

A mistress isn’t anything sordid you know.  It’s actually quite an endearing term, and somewhat empowering when you think about it.  High class London escorts like to feel important, loved and hotly desired, in much the same way as they make you feel all these things.  And as far as you’re concerned, having a woman who is not only beautiful, but cultured, highly intelligent and charismatic, that you can call on whenever you wish is sheer luxury!

Gifts for your high class London escorts

If you’re the type of gentleman that likes to thoroughly appreciate his beautiful young companion, you may feel the urge to treat her to something nice.  And we’re not talking about dinner; that’s expected if you’re taking her out!
You’ll obviously find plenty of lovely boutiques around Knightsbridge and Mayfair etc. but if you’re not the shopping type, you might be interested to know that you can order your little trinkets, or sexy lingerie online at a number of websites that our high class London escorts like to use.  Tiffany & Co is always a good choice when it comes to the more sparkly variety of gifts, and we’re sure you can use your imagination if you’re buying lingerie!

So take a look at the gallery and see which of our beautiful companions you’d like to see our Knightsbridge escorts agency

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Paris the Perfect city in Autumn

We all know that London may be the most visited and popular city in the world when it comes to tourism, but what about when it comes to romance. For that the answer is still unequivocally Paris, the home of love and passion and embarking or unforgettable experiences with loved ones. Sure there are few places that can beat a London summer, enjoying a warm summers afternoon sipping champagne slowly drifting down the thames or simply grabbing a quiet spot in one of its green luscious parks. And while we should all holiday in London during the summer, Paris is definitely the city to visit in all of Autumn's spectacular beauty.

Throughout the summer many people turn their attention to the weather and soaking up as much sun as possible. Everything is put on hold even love, romance and culture just for spending a few more hours in the sunshine. However when Autumn comes around the wheels slowly start turning again and everything settles down to its normal self. Meanwhile the landscape is transforming into as the first sign of chill is in the air and the trees that line many of Paris’ iconic streets and parks turn a plethora of colours of red gold and brown.

Love is everywhere you look in Paris and experiencing the city with Paris couple escorts only enhances the experience. Their excellent knowledge of the area can provide with a romantic tour of the city unlike any you will be able to find anywhere else. A firm favourite of theirs is Emil Goudeau, a beautiful quaint cobbled square with benches, gentle street music and bustling waiters, which could so easily be a scene from a movie. There is no better way to spend a gentle Autumn evening that sitting here overlooking the Parisian skyline while enjoying a glass of wine or coffee with the person you love and Paris couple escorts.