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Blog Bullet is a collection of various authors across the UK. From escorts to agency owners and punters, we have amassed a large collection of posts from various people steeped in UK's industry of courtesans, companionship, and filth.

How does it work?

The Blog Bullet team both writes and curates interesting articles pertaining to the escort industry.

On our site you can find everything from guides on running an escort agency to our current best London escort providers.

Here at Blog Bullet, we love everything related to UK's escort industry. Whether it's the latest and greatest news in London, where countless bookings go on every day, or a simple country article about a new agency service in a rural area, as long as it's information people can use, we'll publish it.

We aim to provide useful information both for punters and escorts, we hope you find the information on our site correct and useful!

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Our curating process

Whether it's one of the Blog Bullet team writing an article or a guest poster, we curate all of the content on this site to ensure it is useful and accurate for our readers.

This process involves a lot of boring fact checking and research, but we do it all to ensure that the information we publish helps everyone who reads it!

Here are some of the criteria we maintain to ensure high quality adult news:

  • Real escorting news regarding escort agencies and adult entertainment in the UK.
  • Legitimately sourced information either from escorts themselves or trusted punters.
  • Good & fair escort services only. We book escorts, we don't like it when we receive a poor service. Neither should you.

If you have found one of Blog Bullet's articles to be incorrect or inaccurate in some way, please leave us a comment and let us know! We hate being wrong!

About our authors

Unfortunately due to the open nature of Blog Bullet, lots of our authors like to remain anonymous.

If you would like to learn more about any individual author, some of our posters have left a little bit about themselves behind in the post!

Come and join us on our journey to find that ever elusive perfect escort service!

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