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The Story Of Lola: A Vogue Agency Escort

Today we have a special article! We're going to look into the life of Lola, a York Escort available at Vogue Agency, and how she want from moving across the world to become a professional companions at a well established York & Harrogate escorts agency.

This is one we're excited to bring you so we hope you enjoy!

In The Beginning...

Two years in Australia and not even a tan, a bite from a spider or an attempt to surf-board. What I did do however, is find a great job and meet some wonderful people in the short period time which I spent there. I had moved to Australia from York to expand my horizons and work abroad, after my life had seemed to grind to a halt.

Work was stale in England with no room for development, my friends had moved away, my family were busy all of the time and I had recently broken up with my partner. I'd always had relatives in Australia and I decided that I had to just commit and move away as soon as possible in order to grow as a person.

Arriving In Australia 

Image of Sydney

I travelled to Sydney and spent a year here, working as a receptionist at first and moving on to work in marketing. It felt for a short period of time like I finally had things together, I was earning good money, in a great place and starting to meet new friends. What happened next however, would change my world as I knew it... again!

I woke up one morning and made my way to work on the local bus, scrolling through craigslist looking for new (cheap) furniture for the apartment I had just moved in to. Whilst I didn't find much furniture, I did see a job opening to join one of the agencies in Australia as an escort. My friends had always told me that I should be a model because of my long hair and naturally large breasts, I had never taken it seriously but reading this ad started to get me to think about it.

Maybe I did have what it takes to become a model, escort or corporate companion; sure my mother wouldn't be proud of me for using my body to make money instead of my brain, but the more I thought about it the more it occurred to me that to become an escort, you would need both brains and beauty to be successful.

A Friend In York Calls...

I arrived at my workplace, got to work and when lunch came around my friend Jenny called me from York. It was 1am in York and she seemed tired but it was great to hear from her again, we had grown up together and she had always been there when I needed her. Somewhere in our conversation she reminded me about the advert I saw, and I asked her if she ever knew any of the escorts York obviously must have had.

 Jenny told me that she actually used to be an escort in York through college and university, I couldn't believe it! I had known her for 10 years and not once had I ever thought about it, suddenly it occurred to me why she was so happy with her life, she had experimented, earned lots of money, explored and been to some of the most high-end venues in York; I was starting to think, why wouldn't I try escorting in York?

I came back home that day and the thought of becoming an escort was still running through my mind. I'd only ever been with one guy and he wasn't exactly the most talented gent in the bedroom to say the least, maybe I did deserve some "fun time" and an opportunity to explore my sexuality in a safe atmosphere with somebody that thought I was a goddess... sounded great to me!

After much thought, I decided not to be hasty and to simply keep working hard in Australia until the end of the year. I was to make the most of my time in Australia and avoid as much risk as possible, I needed to make sure my time spend here was going to be beneficial to me and joining an Australian pimp's brothel didn't sound like the brightest idea.

Throughout the year I worked during the day, traveled on the weekends and called my friends a few times a week. I was managing to stay on top of everything finally and had even saved up a decent amount of money so that when I came home to York I'd be able to afford a nice place to live.

 About a month after my phone call with Jenny when she told me about her history in the York escort industry, she told me that she had become an escort in York again because she "missed the work", "missed the money" and "missed meeting the men". I knew she liked attention but I was shocked that she would consider going back in to the industry after getting out and finding a well-paying job, maybe there was more to this than I had previously thought.

My Return To England

Flying back to England

The year came to an end, I said farewell to my Australian friends, family and colleagues; the day of departure was incredibly sad and exciting at the same time, I knew I was welcome to come back to Australia if I needed to, but it was time for me to return to England and avenge my former self by making a success of my life.

I arrived back to England and for the first month found it hard to get full-time work, instead I was working at a cafe near my house. One day in work I was thinking to myself "Why did I ever come back to Australia? Surely there MUST be work nearby that can pay the bills without me ending up in the same position as last time." I was right.

Jenny met me for a coffee when I finished a shift at the cafe I worked at, I asked her if I could join her escort agency in York. She asked me if I was sure, told me that it wasn't all glamorous but I'd still have a fun time and apparently the whole process is an adventure in itself, I decided to try it.

That week I sent her 10 pictures of myself in different poses, created an Adult-Work profile and before I knew it my profile was on her York escort agencies website. I was nervous about what might be in store, who might see my images and if my parents would find it (At least they hid my face in the pictures!)

Meeting With The Girls From Vogue Agency

Image result for bar

Jenny invited me for drinks with some of the other York escorts from Vogue Agency and the owner of the agency. I got ready and met her at one of York's nicer bars. Upon arrival I met the owner of the agency, the guy was called Harry. He seemed like a straight-up guy and was nothing like what you'd expect as the owner of an escort agency in York. It turns out after a few drinks with him that he was confident I'd do well and I felt confident that I was working with some great people, finally!

The next day I received my first booking. It was a dinner-date in York with one of the business owners in the area; he arrived on time and I was surprised by how handsome he was. All throughout the date he acted like a gentleman and on departure he kissed my hand and said he'd love to meet me again. I went home £300 richer with a full stomach of delicious food and expensive wine, after meeting a gorgeous man... I couldn't believe people get paid for this!

After that booking I continued to do escort jobs whilst working at the cafe for a few months. Luckily for me, none even ended up being sexual, they were all simply well-paid men who wanted the company of a pretty girl in the evening. I could understand that; company is important, but to pay for it is unfortunate. I made a lot of money in the time I worked there until my final booking, where I met a somebody very important...

Corporate Companionship. My Final Experience As An Escort In York

Image result for rich men

I received a call at 8pm one night after my shift at the cafe, it was an American millionaire who was in York for a business meeting with one of his suppliers in the area. He asked me to accompany him to a corporate function, followed by dinner and if I felt up for it, a night in town and one of York's most expensive hotels (Penthouse suite!)

This was exciting for me, I'd never even met a millionaire, especially not one who wanted to date me! I mean, he'd seen my images online so at least I knew he was actually interested! I met him that night outside his hotel, he gave me a handshake and introduced me to his friend. They very both very good looking guys, dressed in what were clearly very expensive suites with the smell of a musk and expensive aftershave wafting off them wherever they went.

Meeting Elijah

Image result for champagne

I spoke to them for a minute before their driver arrived. We were going to the corporate function. I arrived not knowing what to expect, it was a charity event and there were a few hundred people inside, all wearing expensive dresses, suits, perfumes and drinking the finest champagne. I'd say I felt under-dressed but I had invested in an outfit just for this night because I knew I'd feel that way otherwise!

The man who booked me was called Elijah. He introduced me to his friends, it turns out he was only 24 and he was a very funny man, throughout the night he truly was the life of the party and none of his friends were slightly phased that I was a York escort. Is this what high-end parties are like?

A Dinner-Date In York

Image result for italian restaurant

After the function he took me to a meal at my favourite Italian restaurant, he was considerate too. I'd been told by Jenny not to fall for anyone who I was on a date with but this guy was seriously something else, not to mention that he had a pair of very sexy green eyes! The date came to a close and he asked if I wanted to come back to his hotel with him for another £2000; I said yes and what followed was the best "bedroom experience" of my life.

I woke up and he took me for breakfast. I'd never gotten along with anybody this well before, it was bizarre! I just wished that it was under better circumstances, I couldn't let myself slip! I had to remain professional! The booking time came to an end, he had to go and meet his colleagues. As he stood up and turned to walk away I stopped him, I gave him my number and asked him to call me. Next time I wouldn't charge him, next time I would just enjoy the time I spent with him.

Present Day Me

Image result for female manager
Travelling to Australia wasn't what I needed in my life to feel content. Nor was travelling back and becoming an escort in York, nor was meeting a millionaire. What I needed was a better grasp of my own skills, personality and appearance. I knew now that I could get many man I wanted, I knew now that I was capable of being a strong woman who earned lots of money.

Me and my husband both know now that I am capable of turning down money for true love. As you might have guessed, I have gone from being one of the most frigid York escorts to the wife of Elijah and the manager of my own marketing firm. My dreams have all come true, and it took travelling round the world an back to do it!

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