Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Starting 2018 Off with Gorgeous Newcastle Escorts

I would like to take the time to talk about the experiences I have had while booking escorts and this will be a great read for those who have never booked these Newcastle escorts before. I have been punting for many years now and there is no better time to book these escorts than in the new year.

Although many of us enjoy an erotic evening with an elegant female the escort industry has its busy and quiet times. The quietest by far will be over the Christmas period where the local clients are focusing their love elsewhere, although there is a silver lining when it comes to the holiday seasons as the escorts themselves get restless which can lead to you having an experience like no other.

Is the New Year really the best time to book?

My opinion is yes and this is due to a range of reasons from what I mentioned previously and due to the fact that these escorts will want to get back with it after the stress Christmas can bring. I can all lead to you having the very best escort experience which is something I had last year.

A lot of the time they can become unavailable due to the amount of clients wishing to spend time with them so make sure you get your bookings done quickly as your perfect escort could become unavailable when you need her most.

Below I will talk about a recommendation of the evening that's ahead of you when booking from Geordie Girls Newcastle. They recruit new escorts each month so make sure you keep yourself updated.

Jade is an escort that has been with them for quite some time and has plenty of reasons for why she can become your favourite escort.

Jade is by far a stunning lady with features that can make you wonder why you have never booked her before. Her figure is a curvaceous and firm that is nothing less than delightful, I booked jade and there are no words to describe just how much fun I had with her.

This has to be down to her looks although her personality can not be forgotten about as her warm and welcoming heart will leave you feeling well looked after can make you want her love over and over again.

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