Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The Different Types of Escort Experience You Can Enjoy

As escorting exists in something of a legal grey area, it can be difficult to find reliable information about what to expect from the different types of experiences on offer. Using the services of an escort is perfectly legal and you are paying for the time you spend with her, not sex. Any type of sexual activity that does occur between a punter and an escort is the result of an informed choice made by two consenting adults who are over the age of 18 and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This guide aims to explain some of the different types of services that escorts provide so you have a better idea of what to expect when you make a booking.

  • In-Calls
This is usually the cheapest type of booking and involves a punter visiting an escort in a massage parlour, her own home or another venue. Typically, this type of appointment lasts between an hour and two hours but it can be longer if you are willing to pay extra. Generally, escorts will spend a little time talking to you and may offer a massage to help you relax. Payment is made at the start of the booking and punters will need to explain what they would like to do.
  • Out-Calls
Slightly more expensive than an in call due to transport costs and other expenses, out-calls, generally take place in hotels or the punters own home. They are generally a similar length to in calls and will involve the same kind of activity. For safety reasons, the escort will generally check in with her agency when she arrives to greet the punter. Payment is taken care of immediately and any activities that the punter wishes to take place will be discussed and agreed upon before they happen. After the booking, the escort may ask to use a shower and will then leave.
  • Dinner Dates and Extended Bookings
Some punters enjoy taking escorts near me out for dinner or other social activities as part of their booking. This type of appointment usually lasts between two and four hours. As it takes more of the escorts time, this type of experience will cost more than a standard in or out call. Usually, it involves dinner and drinks, then the same kind of thing that takes place on a standard in or outcall experience. Some punters may just want to enjoy dinner and a chat with an escort girl, rather than getting cosy together. If this is the case, the escort must still charge her standard rate as you are paying for time spent together, rather than anything sexual.
  • Overnight Stays
Some punters enjoy spending a whole evening with an escort companion. This is the most expensive type of booking and can involve various activities from theatre trips to dinner dates or even just spend some quality time together in a private place. Not all escorts offer this type of booking as it is obviously time-consuming, however, those that do will be available for the duration of the booking. As with any escort appointment, payment must be taken care of immediately and the girl will call her agency to say that she has arrived safely before you get started.

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