Monday, 20 November 2017

The Newest Mature London Escort Agency – Sensual Concierge

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Today we’ve got a new escort agency to talk about which we’ve been frequenting over the last few weeks to bring you information about what they can offer you and we have to say we’re impressed to say the least. 

This agency may seem like somewhat of a gamble to begin with due to the lack of images on some of the profiles, but we’re sure that the ladies on offer at this agency can provide a great service that will tick all your boxes.

These escorts are true high class companions and this is made abundantly clear all over the website, but how much truth is there to this statement? 

We simply had to find out and as such we decided to arrange an evening with a few of the ladies they have on offer (they do also have male escorts on their gallery, but unfortunately all of our team are straight males and as such we can’t comment on the quality of service there). Being a relatively new agency on the scene, many of their ladies don’t have photos on their website and for this reason we’ll be leaving an overview of the top ladies available at their agency for another time and today’s article will be a more general overview of the agency.

You can view their website at

Sensual Concierge Homepage
Sensual Concierge are a new mature escort agency in London

Where Did we Find Sensual Concierge?

Now, many people reading this may be wondering what drew our attention to their website and this is a question we feel it’s important to answer. Sensual Concierge have recently started appearing in Google and we tend to have a good look over any new websites we come across to give you the best reviews of the best agencies. 

Over the years, we’ve learned how to spot the fakes from the true agencies and one thing we’ve noticed is that the agencies which bother to splash out on a sleek and appealing design tend to be somewhat more reliable than the website owners who clearly don’t care about the look of their website and take a cheaper option.

This is exactly the case with Sensual Concierge, one of the first things we noticed is that their website is extremely friendly on the eyes and is functionally sound which is generally a great start. We were a little concerned when we looked at the gallery and saw “Images coming soon” on most of the profiles however this didn’t stop us from giving them a try. 

I chose an overnight booking with Kate, who I’ll be talking about later when we cover more of their girls, although a few of our team members also spent some time in the company of a few of the ladies without photos.
sensual concierge kate
Charming Kate was my escort
of choice from this agency

Who are the Sensual Concierge?

Sensual Concierge are an escort agency offering elite services in London, they have a variety of male and female escorts available for outcall only bookings from £1200. This may seem like a ridiculous price, however they also have a minimum booking time of 3 hours which makes this a little under the high class rates of many other agencies which charge £600+ an hour. 

While many of these other agencies offer much younger escorts, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re more attractive or that they can provide better service.

Many people are put off by the idea of mature escorts in London because of the fear that you will be joined in your hotel room by a stereotypical middle aged woman, however this is certainly not the case with this agency. They claim to be high class and they mean it, with beautiful experienced women who are perfect choices for your escorting encounter in London.

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