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The Top 5 Girls at Greater London Escorts

Welcome to our blog post here today, where we will be covering another escort agency and our top 5 recommended ladies from the agency. We’ve been booking from Greater London Escorts for a while and we’ve tried a good amount of the ladies available on their gallery with little to complain about, so we decided now is a good time to let you know about which of their girls are the cream of the crop. We have an experienced team of writers who have a passion for bringing you as much information as we can about the escort agency

An Introduction to Greater London Escorts

Greater London Escorts Website Homepage Screenshot
Greater London Escorts Homepage

We’ll start this article with a quick introduction to the agency and let you know a little more about what they have to offer you. Greater London Escorts are an escort agency offering 24/7 service all around the Greater London area as well as a few of the surrounding areas in Surrey and Kent. They have around 70 girls to choose from on their gallery but one thing we found surprising is that the girl profiles on the website don’t include rates.

We can tell you from experience that the average hourly booking from this agency is around £150, but their broad area of service is why they choose to provide their prices upon enquiry so that travel costs can be accounted for. For this reason, try not to be too surprised if the rate is a little higher than the average cost as this will be because they have incorporated the cost for the girl to get to you. Have a look around their website and see if you can find anything on there that would interest you, just visit the website!

Now, onto the main part of the article. Time for the top 5 recommended girls, drum roll please…

#5: Annalise

Annalise from Greater London Escorts
Our #5 Spot Goes to Annalise

Annalise is a gorgeous Spanish model who I had the pleasure of enjoying a couple of hours with personally. She is highly professional and takes a perfectionist approach to bookings, dedicating herself to ensuring that you are left absolutely satisfied. This playful escort is certainly one of the most fun and adventurous companions I chose from this agency and I highly recommend her. She has a tight, toned body that looks just as good in one of her figure hugging dresses as out of one (well… almost!).

Beyond being drop dead gorgeous, Annalise has plenty to offer if you’d like to spend a bit of time getting to know her. She’s surprisingly intellectual and can contribute to conversations about pretty much anything with relative ease, which makes a dinner date booking with her a highly recommended notion.

#4: Rose

Rose from Greater London Escorts
#4 Goes to the Gorgeous Rose

Blonde model Rose is certainly beautiful and although I’ve not had the chance to book her yet personally, a few members of our team have done and their feedback is gleaming. This youthful stunner may only be 21 years of age but she still has more than enough experience to know exactly what she needs to do to put a smile on your face. With a naughty nature that makes her role play services so perfect, you can feel guaranteed that any evening with this gorgeous girl is going to be completely unforgettable.

From her sapphire blue eyes to her golden blonde hair, she’s a very pretty young lady and her slim build surprisingly has curves in all the right places. She clearly works very hard to maintain her model good looks and we’re sure this jaw dropping lady has plenty to offer you if you’d like to enjoy an evening with a younger escort.

#3: Amanda

Amanda from Greater London Escorts
Amanda is Our #3 Choice from Greater London Escorts

Amanda is another blonde beauty, but this time I’ve booked her myself and can speak a little more from experience. When I booked Amanda, I must admit I was concerned that from the youthful looks in her photos that I was going to be somewhat disappointed considering she’s now 27. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Amanda turned up right on time and I was shocked to see that she looked even better than in her photos, wearing a red dress which hugged her flawless hourglass figure perfectly. I was taken in by her stunning deep blue eyes and instantly knew I was in for a treat. Amanda is one of the more popular ladies at Greater London Escorts and having experienced her services myself I can certainly see why.

She is not only beautiful, but also has a carefree nature that really adds to the whole experience. This open minded lady is a perfect choice if you’re looking to get a little bit kinkier as she is very adventurous and will be more than happy to help you indulge in your wildest fantasies.

#2: Elli

Elli from Greater London Escorts
Stunning Brunette Elli Takes the #2 Spot

This slender brunette has it all, a gorgeous face, a perfect gym toned figure and striking feminine curves that truly made her stand out in the gallery for me. This petite companion may seem young and innocent but don’t let her looks deceive you, Elli really knows how to work her magic to ensure that you leave your booking with a huge glowing grin on your face.

She certainly has everything I’d normally be looking for in an escort and at first I thought her too good to be true, but I found that she was even more beautiful in person when you can truly appreciate the elegant way she moves her body. This stunning model is certainly worthy of our #2 spot and we’re sure you’ll agree if you decide to book with her. Just keep in mind that she is in fairly high demand and it might be a good idea to book in advance to ensure you get to enjoy the incredible services of this beautiful model.

#1: Paula

Paula from Greater London Escorts
Our #1 is Paula

So, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Our number 1 choice from Greater London Escorts is the beautiful Paula and here’s why.

Paula is a 29 year old Colombian model with a truly immaculate figure. With her soft delicate skin perfectly shaped around her flawless hourglass figure which is toned to perfection and her astonishing beauty it’s easy to see from her photos alone why she could have earned her #1 spot on our list. However, her looks are only the tip of the iceberg.

This stunning model is a real intellectual which makes her a perfect conversation partner and her sexy latin accent made me feel like I could sit there for the full 2 hours of my booking just listening to her speak. Of course, duty called and eventually we decided to get down to business and I very quickly made my decision that she was undoubtedly the best the agency have to offer.

So, there we have it. Our team have been booking from this agency for around 3 months and after trying countless ladies from the agency we can absolutely say that these are the best 5 girls they have to offer, although we do have some honourable mentions coming below so keep your eyes peeled. We have really enjoyed this one and can’t recommend this agency highly enough, we usually find that agencies with a large number of girls have at least a few fake profiles but we can honestly say that not one member of our team has had a negative experience with this agency. Pick up your phone and make your booking with them now, you’re certainly missing out.

Our honourable mentions for our top 5 list are the following girls, so if you find that none of our top 5 take your fancy you can simply navigate to their gallery and keep your eyes peeled for:-
  • ·         Lauren
  • ·         Vanessa
  • ·         Esmee
  • ·         Sara
  • ·         Diana
  • ·         Monika
  • ·         Erica
  • ·         Dana
  • ·         Daria
  • ·         Yuki

We hope you enjoyed this article and that you will take some time to give this agency a try.

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