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Tantric Massage Myth Busting

Today we have a somewhat different article here on Blog Bullet, in which we’re going to be going over some of the many misconceptions about what an erotic massage service actually entails. We’re going to be covering 5 of the biggest myths of the industry which will hopefully give you a bit more of an understanding about what you’d be paying for if you chose to book from one of the many sensual massage agencies in London like one of our recent favourite sensual massage agencies, Pamper Tantric. We have been researching the industry for the past few weeks and have tried a few different agencies, so here we are with what really goes on.

Pamper Tantric Homepage
The Pamper Tantric Homepage

Myth #1: Tantric Massage is Just Another Way to Hide Being an Escort

Authentic tantric masseuses
such as Ayla from Pamper Tantric
do not offer escort services.
This couldn’t be further from the truth for the most part. While there is some substance in the argument on account of the fact that many escort agencies claim to offer tantric massages which are actually just escorts with no idea what they’re doing. It’s also not uncommon for genuine tantric masseuses to offer escorting services as well. However, the key point here is that an authentic tantric massage will not include any sort of intercourse and will strictly be exactly what it claims to be; an erotic massage.

This means that when you book with a reputable agency, don’t expect any sort of escorting service. Just expect that your chosen masseuse will guide you through the process and help you relax to ensure you are completely comfortable, rubbing her naked body against yours to give you a truly mind blowing experience. It’s not uncommon for clients to reach orgasm during the service due to the erotic nature of the massage, but there will be absolutely no sex involved.

Myth #2: Tantra is Entirely Related to Sex

This is also completely incorrect. The point of a tantric massage is not to induce an orgasm or any sort of sexual satisfaction for that matter (although this is a common and welcome side effect of the therapy). There are several tantric techniques which will not even involve genital contact, which should certainly give you enough evidence that these services are about far more than simple sex. This misconception comes from the common term “Tantric Sex” which is thrown around all over the place and you’re sure to have heard this phrase before if you’re looking for a tantric massage.

The word “Tantra” literally translates to “weave” which is precisely what this service is about. It’s about establishing a sensual, spiritual connection between partners which is designed to help you reach a state of enlightenment, understanding your sexual energy and how you can share it with your partner.

Myth #3: Tantric Massages can Give you Hour Long Orgasms

Unfortunately, this also simply is not true. While it’s true that it can help both men and women achieve multiple orgasms which are marginally longer than average, an orgasm will still last only a few seconds and certainly not an hour.

Myth #4: Tantric Massages are an Ancient Religious Ritual

While they are ritualistic in nature and based on the teachings of ancient Buddhism and Hinduism, tantric massages are actually a western practice. The concept behind them was developed in Germany in the 1980s and aside from the spiritual teachings of the aforementioned religions, tantric massages actually have no religious significance whatsoever.

Myth 5: Tantra Takes Two to Tango

While your initial massage service might require a masseuse to guide you on your tantric journey and teach you about the spiritual aspects of the service, you can actually follow the teachings and expand upon the experience from your massage on your own.

This concludes our tantric mythbusting article which we hope you have enjoyed. If you’d like to read more articles like this feel free to let us know and we’ll work on getting more out for you.

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