Thursday, 14 September 2017

New Agency Review: Secrets London

Here at Blog Bullet we have quite a lot of experience with punting and over the years our small team has spent countless hours working to help you get the best experience of your booking that you could ever imagine. Today, we have a new agency to talk about. This is an escort agency by the name of Secrets London that have started appearing recently all over Google so we thought we should check them out.

So without further ado, let’s get into our review of this agency. Read on and decide for yourself whether or not they’re worth the booking.

Point 1: The Website

In our collective opinion, a good London escort agency needs a good website and for us this is the first sign of a trustworthy provider. If an agency isn’t willing to spend the money on getting a well-designed and user friendly website they’re probably just trying to make quick cash with bait and switch girls that never look anything like the girl in the picture which is of course something you should always be looking to avoid. This is why the first point we’re going to cover is their website.

Secrets London Homepage
Secrets London's Homepage

If you head over to you will find that they are exactly the sort of agency we look for. They’ve clearly put a lot of time into finding the right design company with a sleek and appealing website with a pretty easy to follow layout. They’ve made it easy to filter the escorts you’re looking for with drop down menus leading to separate galleries for specific categories, ages and locations which is a welcome feature.

Unfortunately you can’t use more than one filter at a time, but this is a minor con for an all-round good website. Another common feature we’ve noticed is missing is a contact or booking form, but being a 24 hour agency this isn’t really a problem as the booking phone number is made perfectly clear at the top of the page.

Point 2: The Gallery
Secrets London Gallery
The Gallery Page at Secrets London

Of course, one of the most vital aspects of any agency is to be able to provide a variety of London escorts which can satisfy the tastes of a huge range of gentlemen. If you can’t provide something for everyone you won’t be a successful agency and this is a very important factor in our review.

However, Secrets London have plenty of variety despite being a new agency. They have busty blondes, they have petite brunettes and everything in between which is why we were so impressed with what they had to offer despite the fact that they only started showing up over the last couple of months. It’s very common for new agencies such as this to use fake images but we were delighted to find out this was not the case, but we’ll get to that later.

Point 3: The Booking Process

With a friendly reception team that work around the clock it’s difficult to go wrong, but Secrets London have a helpful team that know London very well. This wasn’t particularly useful for us, but each of us made sure to ask a few questions and see what would be recommended and we are confident that they know their stuff. They also seem to know the girls quite well, as they were able to pick out a model London escort that was ideal for each and every member of our staff.

All in all, no complaints here. We usually like to book online for privacy reasons but if this isn’t something you care about particularly, or if you have no worries about anyone asking questions about the phone bill you won’t have any issues here.

Point 4: The Booking

I can’t speak for the rest of the team with complete knowledge of what they experienced, but I had a booking with the gorgeous Abree who was absolutely fantastic. She looked even better than in her photos in this figure hugging black dress which really flaunted her gorgeous figure. Abree turned up at my hotel room right on time and we had a good chat and a few glasses of champagne to start the night off before heading to the bedroom.

They say you can’t tell anyone what goes on behind closed doors so I’ll spare you the details, but needless to say I was certainly not disappointed. Abree truly does have a flawless toned figure and she definitely knows what she’s doing.

Point 5: The Girls

So, this brings us to the girls. As always we’re going to be giving you a few recommendations as to which of the ladies available at Secrets London are the best in our opinion. Unfortunately we didn’t get chance to book many directly from the agency, but we’ve seen some of these girls before from other agencies. We didn’t get a chance to book Raisa or Julia at all, so if you’d like a surprise go for one of these two.


Alicia from Secrets London
Alicia is our first choice

Alicia is a stunning brunette with long legs and a slender yet athletic physique. This model London escort is a perfect choice for those who are into their pretty brunettes with gorgeous good looks that perfectly complement her impeccable figure. She also has a full 34D bust which certainly isn’t something you can complain about.


Evie from Secrets London
Evie takes spot #2

Having booked Evie myself personally I can say without a doubt that she’s an outstandingly beautiful lady with a slim figure with feminine curves in all the right places. Her long blonde hair and deep brown eyes are enough to captivate anyone and I truly don’t think I can name many escorts I’d rather see a second time.


Cataleya from Secrets London
Our third choice is Cataleya

Cataleya is a true busty model companion with a 34D bust with an almost unbelievably tiny waist that forms this perfect hourglass shape. She is one of the best girls our team had chance to see and as a multi-lingual lady fluent in English, Italian and Spanish there is plenty she can offer you even if you’re not a native English speaker.

In Summary

For such a new agency, Secrets London seem to be doing a lot of things right. We haven’t really got any complaints but of course there are a few points which could be improved upon. The gallery is fine for a newer agency, however this is somewhere they could definitely expand and we’re confident that if they can do this they could be one of the top agencies in London.

The Blog Bullet rating for this agency is a 4/5.

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