Tuesday, 26 September 2017

I have just been watching MTVs’ Ex On The Beach


I have just been watching MTVs’ Ex On The Beach which is a television show which features a number of young twenty something’s who are thrown together in a great holiday villa on a island in the sun, then their ex boyfriends or girl friends are shipped in to spice things up again. It’s a very good show but what surprised me is the fact that the guys on the show take longer than some of the London escorts in getting ready for a night out!

So many of the London escorts are so great looking and they don’t need to put this much effort in, the shame of it is is the fact that after all the effort some of them really do not look that great.

If we where all to believe MTV than each and every man in this country has a six pack and walks around in a vest top no matter what the weather – with sunglasses on their head. Where as all the women consume their own body weight in wine and vodka each and every day.

One thing that all the TV shows like Geordie Shore, The Valleys and EOTB have in common is the fact that they all talk about how they are all loyal to each other and all like “family” but they can’t wait to stab each other in the back!

That is why I have to say that I like The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) so much, at least the people on it are a little more real life!

Let me just point out one thing to you all whom are reading this and are fans of any of the “vest” shows, these people have no style at all, the girls are as close to sanky as you are going to get and are really not that great, what I would like any of you to do is spend some time with these high class sexy London escorts and you will see what I mean.

Not only do the escorts dress so much better they also know how to act when in public, a little something that the “vest; show girls, and boys, have no idea how to. You know for a fact that there are very limited places these people could every go to, perhaps Faces’ Nightclub in Gants Hill would be ideal for them.

If you want to check out the best London escorts ever then you know where to go!

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