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UK Escort Agencies: January 2017 Round Up

Hello and welcome to Blog Bullet! As the end of January is near, today we are going to do a quick round up of new UK escort services we've seen rise fresh to the scene.

Are you looking for a fresh face on the escort agency scene? Here is the place to find it.

We've collected a list of the best new players in the escort industry for you to browse today, escorting services we have found over the last few months. Not just in London, but Birmingham & Bournemouth too.

If you are the type of gentleman (or lady!) who likes to root out and book new escort girls from new services first, this is indeed the perfect article for your punting needs. The collective of authors at Blog Bullet we have brought together to create this list have tried all of the agencies below, and we have only placed them here because we believe they are reputable providers.

In other words, have at them! Book away! These courtesans are kosher!

New UK Escort Agencies in 2017

When initially proposing a list of New UK Escort Agencies to the Blogbullet team we expected to come forth with a far longer list than the 8 choices below. Unfortunately, after some indepth debate we decided we would omit some of the less desirable entries to this article. 

After all, we wouldn't want to sacrifice the integrity of our Adult News website by featuring less than perfect escort services, would we? So the new UK agencies listed below are all 100% certified by us at Blogbullet.

Let us move along and take a look at the newest and hottest escort services in the UK this January 2017, shall we?

Pick #1: Fresh London Escort Service

Location: London
You have to applaud for their choice in domain name. It's about as close as you can possibly get to the keyword itself. All jokes aside, London Escorts London, or LE agency as they like to call it - turns out to be a prominent new face on the London escorting scene.
We'd recommend booking from LE agency for several reasons: great rates, verified escorts, online booking, and outcalls all over London.

Pick #2: Hot New High-Class Service

Confidential Models -
Location: London
We couldn't ignore the Confidential Models when we saw those exclusive high class babes sprawled across the gallery, especially when the majority of them seem exclusive to this agency alone. Confidential Models turns out to be a regular Elite London escort agency that does everything just right. Something we've come to expect when we are paying £600 an hour!
If you are a connoisseur of women, a purveyor of the finest courtesans - definitely pick up a booking with the Confidential Models ~ some of the girls are divine!

Pick #3: Old London Escort Agency, New Website

X Girl X -
Location: London
Whether you have had the pleasure of booking from the prior X Girl X agency or not isn't important. This London escort service operates at £99 per hour for an outcall, and we can definitely say you get your money's worth with these ladies.
X Girl X is the highest class provider we have ever seen using cheap escort agency rates, after several bookings we still can't understand why these ladies don't charge more! Maybe they just truly love to perform?

Pick #4: Fastest Rising Elite London Provider

Black Book Elite -
Location: London
When we first mentioned Black Book Elite a while ago, we honestly couldn't expect it to gain so much traction. Word of Mouth is Black Book Elite is the go-to high class agency in London right now. Why shouldn't it be? Black Book Elite is a brand we can get behind.
Since we last mentioned this service our opinion has increased if anything, get on the phone to Black Book Elite and tell them exactly what experience you want. They will help you get it.

Pick #5: Bournemouth's Titan back in action

Hardy's Angels -
Location: Bournemouth & Dorset
Anyone going to Bournemouth should already know that pickings can be slim. Hardy's Angels is a once popular agency that has recently gained steam once again. Why? Since the Hardy's Angels changed over to a new website build recently, they have redoubled their efforts as an agency.
The Hardy's Angels is without a doubt the best escort agency in the Dorset area. If you are anywhere nearby you should give them a call and ask for available girls, they almost always have a beautiful escort who will come to you.

Pick #6: Exclusive Ladies Competitive Rates

London Selection -
Location: London
Out of all the agencies on our list today, London Selection is probably the most underrated. However, after booking from their range of escorts a few times we can say their cheap London escort girls hold up to the highest standard of service.
We initially began to book from London-Selection because they have many high class London escorts at low, low prices. Does that sound appealing to you? Go check out their gallery and see if you can do the same.

Pick #7: Birmingham's Hidden Escort Gem

Location: Birmingham
The Black Label website is for sale but you can still call them up on evenings and get in touch with the girls, we're happy to see this service getting popular because the other agencies in Birmingham are all terrible.
Book from Black Label if you are sick of other escort agencies around Birmingham taking your money. Or, buy Black Label and make it even more popular so we have a reason to go visit again.

Pick #8: Essex's New Playground

Valerie Cruz Models -
Location: Essex
Valerie Cruz is an agency we expect needs no advertisement from us. They are quickly becoming Essex's top escorting service because they operate quite unlike any other. You will have to try them for yourself to see exactly what we mean (think a chocolate on your pillow when you arrive at your hotel room).
Happen to be in the South East UK and out of the reach of the regular London escort agencies? Try Valerie Cruz, they'll arrange an outcall encounter for you.

This sums our full collection of new UK escort agencies this January. Our intial list of agencies was 14, we have eliminated 6 that will be excluded for various reasons (phone number not working, girls not turning up, fake escorts).

This document has been compiled by Blogbullet, the leading adult news specialist in Britain.

Who are we?

Blogbullet is a collective of various escorts Those of you who haven't visited our site before may be inclined to head over to our 'About us' page. Head to our UK escort services list if you are looking for more places to book from.

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