Tuesday, 17 January 2017

This weekend in london

London will bring you the best entertainment in the whole uk, this major city is one of the big hubs for entertainment either indoors or outdoors, there is always something that will keep you will like and keeps you busy. From the nightclubs, bars to live concerts and events, London always gives you something you something special all around the year.

Despite being the start of the years and for many that month that nothing going on London got something for you like Magical Lantern Festival. This is a festival that takes place very year to mark the end of the Chinese New Year, this year, 2017 the theme is the Silk Road.

This year visitors will be presented with more than 50 dazzling illuminations but they can also count with food, drinks, and plenty street stalls most of them related to the orient and Chinese New Year. this even will be over 10 days and goes from January 19th to 29th.

Still loads of things you will be able to do in London from street markets to museums that in London most of them are free entrance, there are great places to go but none will offer you the same entertainment like talisman will bring you.

You also have numerous land marks to go to, like the big wheel, the tower bridge that is one of the biggest landmarks to represent London in most of the movies, big ben and the parliament that is also another huge landmark in London and still many other places that you can go around.

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