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Planning a Friday night escort booking

When work ends on a Friday some people get infected by the party bug. There is something about a Friday evening that brings out the more appealing side in people, and that’s before they roll out the alcoholic beverages. There is a reason that Friday night is the best night to have fun, and some London escort companionship is top on our list of evening entertainment.

Today’s Blog Bullet article is your handy go to guide to setting up a Friday night escort booking. Everything you need to go full party mode the moment the clock hits 5 o’clock.

Are you looking to experience the authentic Friday nightlife with a first-rate companion in London? Read on!

Here are some crucial things to remember when planning London escorts on a Friday:
  •           Friday night escort bookings are best planned in advance.
  •           If you want an exciting night some activities should be prepared.
  •          It’s best to pick an agency you have used before or a reputable provider.
  •          If you are drinking & enjoying other illicit pursuits, a party girl escort is required to participate with you.

You should remember this if you do indeed plan to set up an exciting Friday night with some hot courtesans joining you for the fun. Otherwise you may end up ready to party but without a beautiful woman at your side. That’s no fun, is it?

For those of you gentlemen who need a little direction and guidance on setting up a Friday night booking in London, below is a step by step process to help you get everything ready. If followed, these steps eliminate any chances of your evening going awry due to lack of organisation. Useful, eh?

Step one: Choose your escort agency

The first step to any Friday night escort booking is to pick your agency sources, and carefully at that. If you have a favourite escort service you have used more than once, now is the time to use it.

Here are some London escort agencies we’d recommend for an advance bookings on Friday evening, if you don’t happen to have any on hand:

Megan’s Models -
Exclusive Company London Escorts -

Now, the important thing here (we mentioned it earlier) is to call them up in advance! Do it before Wednesday if you are planning something extravagant on the Friday, otherwise all of the best companions will already be booked up and you will have less choices, if any at all!

It's also vital to make sure the escort you have chosen is happy to join you on your adventure. Do you want to get the drinks in? Make sure your escort does too. Want to do a run of popular London nightclubs? Make sure your escort likes clubbing!

Step two: Plan your evening in London

Once you have chosen an escort, rang and checked her availability, and made sure she is on board with your Friday night fun, now you can begin planning your evening. Go as big or as small as you want to!

The core fundamental things we thing you should have ready for your hot date are simple. A place for meet & greet, and a place for the outcall to take place.

This could be as simple as your hotel bar to your hotel room, or as complex as a string of bars, clubs, and a dinner date restaurant followed by a nightcap at your place.

Here are some of our top recommendations for nightlife in London to visit on a Friday:
Looking Glass Cocktail Club – Fairly priced establishment in Shoreditch, the burlesque is sure to amuse your companion.
Peg & Patriot – Very chic fashionable venue, suave and impressive. Quiet and ideal as a place to meet your escort as an icebreaker.
Blind Pig – Despite the strange name, the Blind Pig is one of our favourite retro bars to hit in London, definitely check this one out if you’re looking for somewhere cool!

Hotel options for outcall bookings:

Victoria Gold Inn
Cheap & easy hotel rooms – Victoria Inn London - SW1V 2BG

The Soho Hotel
All around great places to stay – The Soho Hotel - W1D 3DH

Short notice accommodation – Holiday Inn King’s Cross - WC1X 9HX

Our best advice for the planning stage? Have a couple of locations and venues in mind, but nothing set in stone. You never know where you might end up when you are running around London enjoying yourself in the company of a pretty girl, the only thing you should get ready beforehand is a hotel. Choose your bars on a whim!

Step three:  Execute the plan!

We’re already at step 3 and by now having followed this guide, you should be informed and ready to go. So here’s a quick recap for you to remember which order you need to get things done:

  1.  Get a loose idea of your evening plan (clubbing, drinking, relaxing at a hotel, dinner date?)
  2. Call up your escort service and make sure they have the ideal companion available for you on the selected Friday.
  3. Arrange for a hotel, book table reservations, and plan the night as much as you want to.
  4. Enjoy!
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