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The Countless Benefits of Tantric Massage

Today we’re going to be discussing a topic that people might be a little unsure about, or perhaps lacking in understanding of. The topic of today’s article is tantric massage and I’m going to be explaining a few ways in which the tantric arts and their teachings can help you with specific issues that many people may be struggling with, such as holiday stress, issues with your body and mental health.

Tantric massage is a specific massage technique which is heavily associated with sensual touch, it uses the countless nerve endings found in the skin and makes use of many different massage techniques to create a truly outstanding sensual experience, ending in far more than just sexual pleasure. Tantric massages are erotic massages, which means that they do focus on sexual pleasure, however no intercourse is involved in the massage technique, which is a common misunderstanding.

Many people believe that tantric massages are just an innuendo of sorts and it is often thought of as a way for escorts to hide the fact that they are actually escorting. However, this does not mean that there is a shortage of genuine massage providers out there, as agencies such as Tantric Dolls, which are very particular about the notion of providing “authentic” tantra, which means that if you’re looking for intercourse, these agencies are ones you should avoid, however if you’re genuinely interested in the tantric arts, these are the agencies you want to go to.

For more information about tantric massages and how they can help you, Tantric Massage Guide and Wikipedia both have pretty in depth explanations for you, the pages are linked right below.



With this in mind, here is some information on why a tantric massage might be a good investment for you at this particularly difficult time of year.

Tantric Massages Can Help you Deal with the Holiday Stress.

Holiday stress

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from or how you celebrate… the holidays are a time filled with stress. It’s unfortunate and this really shouldn’t be the case, but we have turned the festive period into such a stressful time by our need to constantly impress people. We see family members that we haven’t seen in a long time, we find ourselves trying to avoid questions and also trying to avoid completely becoming slaves to our eating habits. 

It’s simply a time that is filled with anxiety and stress. So how do you manage it? Some of us can’t simply cancel Christmas dinner at granny’s so there has to be another way. Here are my top recommendations as to how to get through the holidays without feeling like you’ve just survived World War III.

Set boundaries.

As the tantric arts would teach you, you have to be able to set boundaries. This might mean telling your family there are things you don’t want to talk about at the dinner table or simply that you won’t be able to divide yourself into four and keep everyone happy by planning to turn up to several Christmas dinners.

Remember your family loves you.

Again, if you’ve ever had a tantric massage or looked into any of the teachings of tantra, you should know that it is not uncommon for people have a deep love for each other, although sometimes they’re very bad at showing it. When your mother asks you when you’re going to get married she’s worried about you, not wanting to embarrass you. Just remember that you all hold a deep and beautiful bond and no one is trying to hurt you.

Be open to criticism.

Yes. Just accept it because it’s going to happen.

Set time aside for yourself.

If you are truly feeling overwhelmed then a good suggestion would be to take the time to go out and have a tantric massage. This is one of the reasons why staying in a hotel room might be a good idea, particularly if you live away from your family. You’ll be able to enjoy the night and if you’re feeling like you can’t take it anymore, you know that tantric massages will lower your anxiety and make you feel safe and happy on all levels. It’s one of the most sure fire ways for me to make sure I truly enjoy my holidays.

Tantric Massage Can Help You Feel Less Self Conscious

Body issues

While on the topic of setting time aside for yourself, this relates directly to another possible benefit of a tantric massage, in that it can help you become a bit more happy with your own body.

I think everyone out there has issues with their body. Whether you’re a man or a woman it seems all of us have something that we wish was different about ourselves. For example, many men won’t admit to this, but for a lot of men penis size is a big deal… Yes, we hear you all when you say that size doesn’t matter but the truth is that in the back of our minds it does. It’s kind of like women flocking to get implants when people constantly say that breast size doesn’t matter.

Tantric massages help men feel good about themselves for many reasons, which have been covered all over the internet countless times and a simple Google search will provide hundreds of articles about how a tantric massage can help you in life, but how can a massage that is based around sensuality make you feel better about your size? It’s true that these massages won’t make you any bigger, but you will quickly learn that what people say about it is true: it really doesn’t matter. How is this achieved? Simple, by making you feel good about your body and making you feel confident that no matter what your body looks like you can achieve amazing amounts of pleasure and can make another person feel this way too.

The reason most of us want a bigger size is because we want to be impressive to our sexual partners, it’s a natural male problem and it’s really nothing to be ashamed about if you do feel this way, but once you manage to overcome your issues, you will almost instantly feel like the king of the world no matter what you look like. 

Tantric massages teach you to be at peace with what you have and that you don’t need to change anything about you, yourself, physically because in the end you can still rock somebody’s world because of your confidence and abilities in the bedroom. But it all starts with you and sometimes faking it until you make it is not good enough and you have to get to work and actively make an effort to learn how to love yourself and how to please yourself… then and only then, can you fully appreciate what pleasing others means. Let’s keep this in mind as we move on to the next life issue that could be improved greatly by a tantric massage.

Controlling your Orgasms

Bella from Bespoke
Bella from Bespoke Tantric
One of the most requested lessons from tantric masseuses (taken from data gathered by the girls over at http://www.bespoketantricmassage.com, thank you.)  is on how to control the male orgasm. 

Many men come to Tantra hoping that they can learn how to gain complete control over when and how they finish their sensual experience. While orgasms are not the main goal of Tantra there are still many tantric exercises that can help a man get control of their sexual life and have more satisfying orgasms when they’re with a partner and also be able to last longer in bed.

Lasting longer in bed is only half the battle because men usually want to learn how to do this to make sure that they please their female partners. Here is where tantric teachings begin to take hold. While sensuality should be about sharing there is one thing that helps men relax about female orgasms: every person is responsible for their own orgasm.

Of course you want to please but if the other person is not open to being pleased then you could go for hours and they’ll never reach an orgasm. So it’s always important to relax and remind your partner that while you’re there for her she is just as responsible for her orgasm as you are.

Next the masseuse will remind the client that the power to stop an orgasm from being untimely is within the breathing that you do. You can change positions all you want but if you’re not breathing right then that’s just not only not going to work but also interrupt your partner’s rhythm. Instead remember to breathe and to get control of your body. You are the master of your body and not the other way around.

Finally, there are many prostate exercises that are catered toward learning how to control yourself if the breathing is failing you. The prostate is a powerful gland that when you learn to control can actually delay or power an orgasm.

When you combine these three things then your orgasms will not only be more satisfying but you will be able to have one when and how you want it.

If any of these benefits appeals to you, don’t hesitate, make your booking for a tantric massage and start benefiting from the sensual art of tantra.

The Important Part is Making the Choice to get your Tantric Massage and Sticking to it.

The hardest part of anything is making the choice to start it.  It’s amazing how many excuses you can come up with in your head, thinking of countless ways to avoid something you know could have an extremely positive impact on your life and you might find the same problem stands before you get your first tantric massage.

Most of these excuses will have something to do with how people will view you; how people will automatically think that you’re somehow in the wrong for wanting to do this for yourself. Of course most of this has to do with the fact that people are largely uneducated about tantric massages, what they entail and what benefits they bring, but if you’re reading this, you’ve probably done all the research you needed to.

Again this comes from the thought that doing something purely for pleasure is a completely selfish and wrong thing to do. But how much truth is there in that? Why can’t selfish things be good for you? Something selfish when it comes to your mental and emotional heath is actually the best thing for you. You are not hurting anyone by making the decision to take a first step in the journey of pleasure discovery.

What people don’t realize when they tell you to back away from Tantra is that you’re also helping others when you decide to get a massage. You’re helping them because you’re actively trying to better yourself and if you’re a better person then as your friend, family member or loved one they have to realize that that is also going to help others. The more open you become and the more willing you are to share your experiences the more thankful they’ll be that you embarked on this journey.

One thing you’ll definitely learn from Tantra is how to trust your instincts, how your body actually knows what it wants and what it needs. You’ll gain more and more confidence with each stroke, each rub and each deep breath that you take. If your loved ones knew that then they’d surely encourage you to partake in the journey you’ve thought out for yourself. So, stop worrying and remember that making the appointment is the best decision for you to start the New Year fresh and ready for a new and better life.

Every year you say this will be the year when you make real changes to your life and every year you go back to the same old habits. It’s easy to fall into the same old routine when you’re trying to make a change and that’s because the same old routine is easy and comfortable. So, it’s about this time that you get back into shape and truly make those changes that you’ve been wanting to make. It’s not about having a better body but about having a healthier mind too.

So if you live in London or even anywhere else in the world here’s a list of a few other things you could be doing in 2017 to make sure you’re the healthiest you’ve ever been that would be an excellent addition to your tantric journey.

Get real about sex.

Yeah, this is not your conventional list and it’s probably the one you should be paying the closest attention to. Basically, sex makes you happy; having good sex makes you happier and healthier. So, take the route toward a better sex life through tantric massages, if the reasons detailed above aren’t enough of an incentive.

These massages will not only deal with any sexual issue you might have going on but they actually jump start your need to be good to yourself and actually take care of yourself. Honestly even if you’re just getting ready once a week to impress your masseuse that’s still a lot more than you might have done before.

Get real about eating and staying hydrated.

No one is going to tell you to give up sugar, salt and meat… just be honest with yourself about how much of that you’re having. Be mindful with how you eat and avoid over doing it. Also, drink water and then drink more water.

Be kind to your body.

This doesn’t just include going to them gym twice (or once!) a week. It means truly being kind to yourself (the massages help with that). That means stop with the negativities toward it, stop telling yourself you’re not muscular enough, skinny enough, handsome enough and all that other crap. Just be good to your body and in turn your body will be good to you.

So, in summary:

Tantric massages have plenty of benefits and some of them are pretty obvious. If you tell someone that you’ve learned how to control orgasms, have better orgasms or even last longer in bed with tantric massages that seems obvious… But those benefits aren’t the only ones you can have when you’re embarking on a tantric journey. 

In fact in essence tantric massages aren’t actually just a massage at all and their sensuality is just a part of what makes them special. Tantric massages are more of a way to access a higher sense of self. This basically means that the massages allow for deep and meaningful introspection which allows the release of emotional and psychological blockades we’ve put up. 

These blockades are so tightly built (think security blankets and walls) that when you finally are able to open them up the emotions behind them might over take you, however with tantric massages you can open the gates and control the flow thus letting the energy be released slowly and converted into positive energy.

These benefits of tantric massages are all inclusive for both men and women. When people leave their first massage session they will recount that they just experience emotions they had never felt before. This is the first sign that the tantric massage has worked to its full capacity and that the person receiving the massage has evolved as a person. 

They have begun getting rid of cages and networks of misconceptions and false modesty, which for years have caused them discontent, suppression, and increase of their stress levels.

Once the walls break down then you can begin identifying the things that made you build those walls in the first place. Not only that but you’ll be able to identify behaviours that have held those walls up for so long. 

With the aid of the breathing techniques that you acquire during a tantric massage you will be able to control what you perceive to be your natural human impulses, but are actually distractions from the real problem. 

Many find that issues they once had, such as over or under eating, lashing out, bottling up or even smoking, are significantly helped once they learn how to re-focus their minds and enjoy pleasure in the present moment rather than as a means to an end.

Following the advice in this article throughout 2017 is certain to make a drastic improvement if you can stick to it, so in conclusion, if you’re looking to improve your sex life and feel how this affects your enjoyment of life as a whole, tantric massages are a surefire way to really make yourself feel better, perform better and understand your connection to others.

If you're interested in learning more about the tantric arts and what they can involve, you can read more at some of the sources listed below.

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