Monday, 5 December 2016

Adult Entertainment in Manchester - Swingers Clubs, Escorts & Sex Shops

If you are looking for some kinky fun or adult friendly party scenarios this Winter, this guide is the place to be.

Today we are going to outline the best upcoming Adult Entertainment franchises & establishments in the Manchester area, giving you a variety of ways to keep yourself satisfied. From escort agencies to swingers clubs, if you're looking for pleasure and excitement in the North West this Winter season, head to Manchester and partake in one of the activities on this guide!

This Blogbullet post has amassed the finest places to go this December for your fun & sexy thrills. This is what you can expect to find below:

  • Adult Clubs
  • Sex Shops
  • Escort agencies

The places, sex shops, clubs & agencies on this page are suitable to keep you entertained through until the Summer. Come and find a way to indulge your hedonistic side.

We've chosen a winner and a runner up to make things simple and give you more than one option if you do not like the look of one!

The winning Adult Club in Manchester

Adam & Eve's Club - - 01617898500

Image of inside the Adam & Eve's club
See above: The entranceway to Adam & Eve's club. While it may not look superb in the gallery, there's a reason we chose this club as our winner (hint: it involves awesome sex parties).

Known for a laid back atmosphere and exceptional evenings of swinging, the Adam & Eve's club is a popular spot for adult gatherings around Manchester. Located on Liverpool Road, this establishment is easy to find and right next to Eccles.

Map to the Adam & Eve Swingers Club
See above: Map location of the Adam & Eves club. M30 0PF.

What places the Adam & Eve's club as the number one adult club spot to be at this Winter is their exceptional approach to Single Males, being extremely friendly and hospitable to them. Typically the majority of local Manchester adult entertainment venues don't even take a nice stance on individual men, so this is why Adam & Eve's is the best in Manchester.

Alternative North West Adult Club

The No3 Swingers Club - 07835870772

The Number 3 Swingers club is a very nice lounge/bar and doubles as an evening drinking spot as well as swinging activities. Very clean place, the enjoyment on any given night really depends which locals are participating and what kind of activities are going on.

No3 Swingers club interior
See above: The No3 Swingers Club is clean and well decorated.
The venue is located in Chorley, and usually run events or typical club nights on Wednesday through to Sunday in the evenings. The reason the No3 Swingers Club wins our runner up prize because they run an extremely neat venue that is fairly accessible in Lancashire.

Map to the Number 3 Swingers Club
See above: Use this map to find the No.3 Club. PR6 0AA.

We're presenting the Number 3 club as an alternative to the Adam & Eve's club, however they aren't as friendly to single males so we recommend you book in a tango partner from one of the escort agencies below to visit No3!

Alternative Manchester escort services

Candy Shop Escorts - 01614260466

The Candy Shop Escorts are still a new local service but already presenting one of the best experiences for clients in the city area. Don't let the new look of the site fool you; this agency is run by an industry expert who is looking to start up a professional escort agency in Manchester.

Due to this, the girls at Candy Shop Escorts are extremely professional & you will find them some of the most hospitable and reliable ladies locally to book an incall or outcall. Give one of their ladies a try and let us know what you think in a comment (we recommend Harriet!).

We haven't booked many ladies yet from the Candy Shop Escorts, but as of 14/12/2016 all of the galleries have images live on the site, so you can get a good look at who you want to see!

Manchester Sex Shops

Simply Pleasure -

Crowned the largest Sex Shop in Europe (We can't really verify the authenticity of this claim), Simply Pleasures is the place you want to go to buy all your kinky stuff. It's in Oldham, it has every weird fetish toy you could possibly conceive of, and the prices aren't horrendous.

Simply Pleasure Oldham Sex Shop
See above: Temptations website image. Easy to use sex shopping.

We can confidently state that Simply Pleasure is the best local Manchester Sex Shop, and while the alternative below is just there for posterity, we would suggest you go to Simply Pleasures for all your Carnal equipment.

Alternative Manchester Sex Shop

Temptations Adult Shop

Home to a very large range of adult products, Temptations has quite the collection of toys & plenty of pornographic material. Definitely not a bad runner up for a Manchester Sex Shop, you can visit here and find plenty of stuff to amuse and excite yourself and your partners.

Temptations Bury Sex Shop website
See above: Image of the Temptations website.

Tempations is in Bury, so if you find yourself local to the area they might more worth visiting than Simply Pleasure. Definitely the best place to go for porno DVDs, their collection is vast.


We have tried to build this article with people looking for adult entertainment in the North West & Manchester in mind. To that end, we've come up with some great opportunities for people seeking excitement.

Armed with the knowledge, sex shops, & escort agencies in this guide you should be extremely well equipped to stave off the boredom with some sexy fun throughout the Winter season.

What do we recommend?
We suggest you pick up the phone, book one of the ladies who catches your eye from the Cheshire Companions, and then proceed to enjoy one of the special activity or play nights going on at the Adam & Eve club.

Sound good? It does to us.

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