Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Are You Looking to Book an Escort?

If you’re reading this article it is more than likely that you yourself are considering your plans for the evening, you are probably thinking about whether this evening is finally the evening you make your first booking, which is exactly why I’m writing this article.

My goal here is to help make sure that your first booking goes by without a hitch and believe me, there are many ways that an escort booking can end up going horribly wrong.


This is something you might not expect to have to worry about, but this doesn’t just apply to you. You need to make sure you’re carrying out your booking in an environment that’s not only safe, but comfortable for the both of you.

With this in mind, your best bet is probably one of London’s more prestigious hotels, such as The Ritz or Kensington’s Park Grand Hotel if you’re trying to keep the cost down. This keeps you both in a comfortable environment with a wealth of security to give you both peace of mind.

Book a Reputable Escort

Bianca from Bubbles Escorts
If you’re booking an escort, don’t just go for the cheapest girl who meets your standards, do your research. Check the reviews on site, check reviews on other sites and generally make sure that the agency or independent escort you are booking has a good reputation. If you’re looking for cheap escorts who can still provide an incredible service, I’ve always found Bubbles Escorts in London to be a trustworthy agency who really know what they’re doing, staff are friendly too.

Dress for the Occasion

You might not think this is necessary since you’re paying for the company, yet this is honestly one of the most important factors in a booking and you’re almost certainly going to have a great time if you put the effort in to look your very best.

Failing to do so could be embarrassing in many ways and escorts have been known to make a client shower before they will start the booking, which comes out of your time of course, so don’t make this mistake.

All in all, most of the things you need to do are just common sense, but do try to think about what you’re doing and really treat it like you would any other date.

Just because you’re paying her doesn’t mean she has any obligation to sit there if you decide to be abusive or rude and if she dislikes you, chances are you won’t get another booking with her, or potentially the agency itself.

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