Thursday, 5 May 2016

Looking for London Shemales?

A Shemale escort operating in London
TS Milky, a London escort available through Shemale Punt.

Booking Shemale escorts has become more than a trend in modern society. Sure, we've all heard of how the escort industry has moved online and how it is more than acceptable to book an escort in London or the UK, but it's definitely a new one to see Shemales in the mainstream market. No, we're not talking about that occasional porn video you watch where the chick has a dick. We're talking about Shemale escorts in London, as in Shemales that you can actually book for an incall or outcall.

If you know a thing or two about the London escorting industry then you should be aware that it is flush with girls, the industry has become a staple part of the web. If you want to book a companion for a date or some intimate moments in the UK, it's literally a few keypresses and a phone call away. What is impressive in recent years is the amount of fetish related escorts coming to the forefront of the industry, Shemales and otherwise.

A Shemale escort who works in London
A Shemale escort available through Naughty Shemales.
The questionable decision to make escorting (mostly) legal in the UK has opened up many subsidiary avenues for niche sexual release. If you have a particular fetish to cater towards then you are in the best position possible. Shemale escorts have gone from being a alleyway secret to a mainstream fetish in present day England, to the point where it has become completely acceptable to book a Shemale escort.

If you are looking for a Shemale escort in London, we have a couple of places to aid you in your search. The first is Shemale Punt, which is an exclusive directory for Shemale escorts providing services in the city. Check this directory out if you want to find an unbiased place to book girls. We like Shemale Punt because they don't give out any favours. Either you provide a good service and get listed, or you do not get listed at all. Truly, if you're looking to set up an experienced or first time punt with a Shemale, we could not recommend any other site more highly than Shemale Punt.

Cindy, an escort in London of the Shemale variety
Cindy, a TS escort in London available through Shemale Punt escort directory.
WARNING: We no longer book from Yummy London Escorts, we recommend booking from another provider (Naughty Shemales is good)

If Shemale Punt isn't quite what you are looking for, then why not try the Yummy London escort agency? With a primary focus on Asian TS escorts in the London area, it's an ideal place for you to look for a Shemale to book. The reason we suggest Yummy London escorts is because having booked from this agency a couple of times, they are friendly and reliable people. If you want to book a short notice TS escort in the London area, there is no place better. Enjoy!

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