Thursday, 5 May 2016

Just One of the Benefits of Tantric Massage - Multiple Male Orgasms

It’s been accepted that men burn hard and fast when it comes to sex. As a male your ejaculation is what has been accepted as the end of sexual intercourse and the main sign a man has experienced an orgasm. Women can orgasm multiple times and men only one. This is all true, right? Wrong. Men are perfectly capable of multiple orgasms… they are just never taught how to do it.

Ejaculation has long been thought to be the true sign a man has had an orgasm but this isn’t necessarily the truth. Ejaculation, not orgasm, is what requires the refractory period before erection and arousal can continue. Therefore, if you can prevent ejaculation, you can enjoy orgasmic peaks and go right back into stimulation without pause. All you need to do is learn how to control your ejaculation and that without it you can orgasm just as well as with it. This makes for a lot more time erect and a lot more fun in bed.

Learning ejaculation control techniques can take some men a few months, while other men take much longer to fully gain control over the ejaculation response. The process of learning ejaculation control can have immediate benefits for a man’s sex life. In the process, men learn how to pay attention to their arousal patterns and what it is that really turns them on, often discovering that they can experience way more sensation and stronger orgasms simply by paying closer attention and being in the moment.
The exercises required for ejaculation control make the male sexual system stronger and more assured and many men find that they experience stronger erections within a few weeks of working their bodies and understanding their own sexual energy.

Learning how to orgasm without ejaculating is one of the many benefits of tantric massages. Why not book a massage with one of the girls at London Tantric and start your way to a better and more satisfying sex li

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