Thursday, 3 March 2016

Nottingham Is a Surprisingly Good Escort Destination, Who Knew?

I have recently been trying out various escort agencies in the Nottingham area and as a result I have discovered a few things. Firstly, Nottingham is a brilliant place to book an escort, it has a huge number of attractions that you might not really expect, some excellent hotels and a great nightlife. This is why I have taken a liking to the area in recent months and have been travelling to the city to really spice up my weekends off. There is a fantastic selection of escort agencies in Nottingham too, some more impressive than others, but we’ll get to that later.

It’s important to talk about accommodation when we’re talking about escorts, as, especially for those like me who don’t live locally, a good hotel room can really make your evening something special. For this reason I can recommend a hotel called Roomzzz Nottingham City Centre. Thi
s is a branch of Roomzzz hotels, which would usually be something I’d stay away from as I personally think standalone hotels are usually much better than the large chains of hotels around the country. Not in this case however, as this one is absolutely fantastic, located right in the city centre so you’re never far away from the action. The rooms are spacious and comfortable as well, which makes for an excellent booking.

There is also a great deal of opportunities to be had if you’re looking for a dinner date booking. There are so many excellent hotels such as the Corinthian Restaurant in the city centre, which is a fantastic place to try some very well prepared British food, or if you fancy something with a bit more oomph, try the restaurant ran by TV chef MarcoPierre White, which is a great place for a steak.
Getting on to the point, I would personally recommend that if you’re going to book an escort in Nottingham, book from an agency known as Regal Escorts Nottingham, as in my experience they actually provide some of the best service I’ve had. Their girls use self-taken photos too, which means you get exactly what you see, their photos are not edited in any way and you can always count on their authenticity.

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