Monday, 29 February 2016

Things to look forward to with Yoni Massage

We're almost there. We've nearly made it through another winter. It might not have been the coldest or wettest in living memory, but it's been tough all the same. The short days, the darkness, and the soul-searching all combine to make October to March quite a slog. What do we now see but the green shoots of Spring emerging from the earth. On the trees, pubescent buds are appearing, ready to burst forth with flowers over the coming months. And no longer is the sky a shade of midnight blue by 4pm. We have a few more weeks to get through until the clocks change and suddenly our worlds go from black and white to glorious technicolor. Suddenly, it all becomes clear - we need to mark the occasion with Tantric Soul Yoni massage in London, the perfect companions with whom to share the joy of the coming Spring. 
A photograph of a Yoni Masseur in London

If you're mulling over the question of which day is the best one for this purpose, then there are plenty of options. The vernal equinox, the date on which day and night are of equal length and Winter yields its icy grip allowing Spring to emerge, is happening on Sunday, March 20th this year. Why not seize the moment with both hands and plan a day or night of pure pleasure with a Yoni masseur? London is known for the quality and quantity of its male population, and there are vigorous men with model-looks on almost every corner. Easter Monday, the 28th March, is another ideal chance to kick back and relax with one of these Adonis-like creatures. Sunday, March 6th is Mother's Day (aka Mothering Sunday) - and for some, a wonderfully transgressive and naughty way of marking the occasion is to forget about mother for a while, and instead lose yourself in the raunchy charms of Yoni massage . But really, there's no wrong day. The coming of Spring can be celebrated at any point in the week and there is simply no better way of doing so than by writhing around in ecstasy with the man of your dreams.

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