Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Amazing Hotels for Your Weekend Away in London

If you’re looking for an amazing weekend away in London to take your mind away from all of the stresses of working and perhaps family life, there is no better place for you than London. With such a versatile selection of possibilities for entertainment, ranging from some of the world’s best museums to a relaxing day in a hotel with a booking for a London tantric massage to help you relieve your stress, London has it all. In this article, my goal is to help you make the decision as to which hotel is right for your stay, which could save you a long and tedious process of checking each and every possible hotel, checking reviews and what other people recommend as an alternative, so for an even more stress free trip, keep reading.

Hotel 41

If you’re looking for a hotel that oozes class then you can’t go wrong with Hotel 41, located just across the road from Buckingham Palace. This hotel has been well known in London for many years for the excellent service the staff consistently provide to the customers. The rooms are always clean and pleasant which makes for an enjoyable stay, whatever the occasion. The bars has a relaxing and ambient atmosphere that makes it perfect as a place to relax with a few drinks and all in all, I’d highly recommend this hotel.

Park Grand Hotel

Of course, there are always other alternatives. Another of my favourites in London would have to be the Park Grand Hotel in Kensington, a hotel in a fantastic location, surrounded by many excellent restaurants and shops where you can find anything you might need on your trip, making it a convenient hub for your weekend away. The luxury furnishings in the rooms are always spotlessly clean and very comfortable which help make this place one of the most convenient and enjoyable hotels to stay in.

Shangri-La Hotel

If you’re looking for an exciting adventure, then the Shangri-La hotel can really help you get the taste of the big city, with astonishing views of the city from the upper floors, which can actually help you to get a good sense of direction as you can see most of the major landmarks from the upper floors. However this hotel can offer more than just good views, it is also a great place to travel from as it is very close to a lot of local tube stations as well as a few of the London railway stations.

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