Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Flashy families

We would all love to have a bank balance with six or seven zero’s on the end, and be able to live a life with no limits. Imagine a multi-million pound mansion to call home, a flash sports car on the drive and a closet full of designer clothes, it’s the stuff many people’s dreams are made of. Channel five’s new programme Britain’sFlashiest Families is going to let those who dream of a millionaire lifestyle a peek into those who have one.

Those featuring in the programme include some from Manchester and Cheshire, and not just the golden triangles multi-millionaire footballers but self-made millionaires who have worked their butts off to get where they are, with a few spoiled wives thrown in for good measure. The Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company Escorts agency will be tuning in to see what their multimillionaire friends from Manchester and Cheshire splash their cash on.

One of the pampered wives featured in the programme is enough to put you off money for life. Noelie Goforth is the wife of multi-millionaire business man Robin Goforth. Noelie’s spends her husband’s money like there is no tomorrow, the series opens with the programme following Noelie’s quest to buy the ultimate fashion accessory, not a Hermes bag or a Bentley but a coffin. In the show she is seen trying out various coffins by getting in them and closing the lid to ensure they are comfortable.

She decides on a white coffin with a Perspex lid and wants pictures of her dogs and her husband placing with her and a few crystals, but not too many she declares, as she doesn’t want to look like a Marbella hooker. She also demands that mourners throw white roses on her coffin at her funeral or she will go made. Many would look on in horror, but not Robin, he smiles happily unfazed by her crazy requests.

Thankfully not all of this programmes featured families are as materialistic as Noelie, Manchester born entrepreneur Paul Hill has an inspiring rags to riches story. Paul left school at fifteen and set up his own burger van business, now at 27 he runs his own Vehicle wrapping business in Manchester and has clients that include a whole host of millionaire footballers.

The programme will tell his story from his day’s working his burger van to his current enviable lifestyle and will show him splashing the cash on his own new luxury car.  He has worked fifteen hour days to get where he is and is a role model for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

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