Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Paris the Perfect city in Autumn

We all know that London may be the most visited and popular city in the world when it comes to tourism, but what about when it comes to romance. For that the answer is still unequivocally Paris, the home of love and passion and embarking or unforgettable experiences with loved ones. Sure there are few places that can beat a London summer, enjoying a warm summers afternoon sipping champagne slowly drifting down the thames or simply grabbing a quiet spot in one of its green luscious parks. And while we should all holiday in London during the summer, Paris is definitely the city to visit in all of Autumn's spectacular beauty.

Throughout the summer many people turn their attention to the weather and soaking up as much sun as possible. Everything is put on hold even love, romance and culture just for spending a few more hours in the sunshine. However when Autumn comes around the wheels slowly start turning again and everything settles down to its normal self. Meanwhile the landscape is transforming into as the first sign of chill is in the air and the trees that line many of Paris’ iconic streets and parks turn a plethora of colours of red gold and brown.

Love is everywhere you look in Paris and experiencing the city with Paris couple escorts only enhances the experience. Their excellent knowledge of the area can provide with a romantic tour of the city unlike any you will be able to find anywhere else. A firm favourite of theirs is Emil Goudeau, a beautiful quaint cobbled square with benches, gentle street music and bustling waiters, which could so easily be a scene from a movie. There is no better way to spend a gentle Autumn evening that sitting here overlooking the Parisian skyline while enjoying a glass of wine or coffee with the person you love and Paris couple escorts.

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