Wednesday, 22 July 2015

What to do on your trip to London.

What to do on your trip to London.

As I’m sure anyone reading this is aware, there is a lot to see and a lot to do in London, so for anyone confused as to what to do with your time in the capital, I’m here to help. Working your way around the busy city centre can be a daunting task to say the least, so a good place to start your day out in London (and I’m sure visitLondon will agree) is always the London Eye. This allows you to get a solid aerial view of the town, and with a trained eye, you may even be able to spot many of the other famous landmarks from there such as the Houses of Parliament and even Buckingham Palace.

There’re also many great museums worth checking out for those with a keen interest in history, or even just those looking for a more interesting day out. I’d personally highly recommend checking out the British Museum, as their Egyptian exhibits are absolutely fascinating. However, for those of you who yawn simply at the thought of history and who are more interested in keeping an eye out for a great bargain, you can still have a great time looking around the many shops scattered all around the enormous city centre, however in my eyes Boxpark is one that really stands out due to its unique appearance.

Yet there is more to London than daytime activities, and the city truly springs to life after the sun goes down, where the vast array of nightclubs and bars ascertain that there will always be something for everybody. Whatever you’d class as a good night out, be it a fantastic meal at one of London’s high class restaurants, a night out with some friends or even the company of a high class escort booked from, London has it all!

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