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Top 5 Grooming Tips for men

Grooming isn’t just about presenting a clean and tidy appearance on the outside. Personal hygiene takes all aspects of health into consideration and this includes maintaining high standards of cleanliness, particularly in the intimate areas.

Those of us that book escorts regularly know the importance of a little cleanliness and sanitation. It goes a long way with your dates, when they pull off your underwear and they don't see a horrible mess. Are we wrong?

We all know that when booking companionship, as men it's important to look clean, sanitary, and even just a little bit handsome.

Today's Blogbullet article (newly updated on 19th December 2016), is about getting yourself preened and prepared for your dates so you can embarrass your escort by turning up looking prettier than her!

Before your appointment with the courtesan of your choice, upgrade your personal grooming regime so that you feel ready and can proudly whip out your junk to whoever asks you!

It is usual for a high class London escort to take care of all the touching up, trimming and general styling that is required. Whilst most men are happy with a quick maintenance check a gentleman understands the importance of correct personal grooming. Trimming, styling and freshening up should be standard practice for every man.

If you want to brush up on your handsomeness, take a read and follow the proceeding steps below.

1. Keep It Clean

Image of Soap

When considering cleanliness and grooming, men usually don't think too much about taking care of the genitals and pubic area. Basic washing is the normal practice for most men. A little extra attention to washing and maintenance really is worth the effort. Start by lathering up in the bath or shower and washing the penis and scrotum. Washing is a good thing that should be done well and often.

2. Manscaping

Manscaping image

Men often neglect the task of keeping pubic hair in shape. If you prefer to keep things natural trimming around the edges instantly creates a more attractive and well groomed appearance. Use a wet/dry personal trimmer with a rotary feature to shape and trim the pubic hair in this sensitive area. Nail scissors are good for fine pruning but avoid depilatory creams, which contain chemicals and can irritate the skin.

3. Waxing Off

Male Waxing

Whilst you may contemplate using wax to remove the hair on your arms, chest and back applying this molten mixture to the genital area is best avoided. If the smooth and nude appearance appears to you it is recommended that you take it pro and visit a salon for crotch and crack hair removal.

4. On The Nail

Snoop Dogg Manicure

Escorts like to be touched by soft, manicured hands. Hands that are clean and have nicely trimmed nails are far more appealing than rough, dry and calloused paws. A quick weekly nail trim should be part of your regular grooming routine.

Don't have dirtier hands than Snoop Dogg when meeting your ladies! Snoop Dogg has set a precedent that you cannot ignore!

5. Freshen Up

Funny picture about freshening your breath

Stinky breath is off putting and easily detected by a fragrant and well groomed escort. Brushing your teeth, flossing and using a mouthwash is good basic dental hygiene practice. Tongue care is also recommended as most men neglect to take care of this muscular organ. Remove the build up of bacteria by cleaning the tongue with a tongue scraper.

Once you have followed all of the above steps, then you are ready and looking handsome for your next escort encounter.

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