Thursday, 23 April 2015

High Class London Escorts Love Art

London escorts who love art
It’s not totally unheard of for London escorts to enjoy a bit of art every now and then you know.  These gorgeous young creatures aren’t just pretty faces and fantastic bodies…
So imagine if you will perhaps meeting one of these fantastic women at a gallery or exhibition, or perhaps taking them along to one with you after lunch or dinner.  Any time spent with London Deluxes high class London escorts is going to be amazing of course, but spending it with an intelligent young woman who appreciates art like yourself could be even more magical.
What’s on for your London escort?
  • Pick me Up, Somerset House 23rd April – 4th May.  Somerset House is always a nice place to go with a partner and you and your London escort couldn’t ask for a nicer little exhibition than Pick me Up.  This is a wonderful showcase of interactive stands that allow new artists to display their work in a totally interactive environment.  This mini art festival also lets you get to know the artists personally as they discuss their inspirations and choices.
  • Original Print Fair, Royal Academy of Arts 23rd April – 26th April.  This is a wonderful chance to get your hands on some original print artwork.  The place will be crammed with art dealers from all over the world, selling old masterpieces and newer, future masterpieces!  This fair is a browsers heaven, it really is.
  • Gianni Piacentino at the Michael Werner Gallery 23rd April – 30th June.  Piacentino is a world renowned sculptor who has a passion for the way things work above all else.  It might sounds slightly odd, and you may think sculptors usually create pieces of art work that are based in nature and humanity, but not Piacentino.  This Italian creates work that is based in the technological; primarily movement.
Dinner with your chosen companion
You know there are so many places in central London to choose from when it comes to eating out that to pick just one would be a crime.  It all depends on what you like to eat, or indeed what your companion likes to eat.  The good thing about having so many places to choose from is that you rarely have to book unless you plan to eat somewhere incredibly high end; then we’d recommend booking well in advance if you can. 

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