Wednesday, 2 April 2014

My thoughts on Youtube

The other day i was asked whether or not I like YouTube, well the answer is a little bit yes and a little bit no. You see I used to love YouTube, I was constantly on it, back when I was stuck in the basement of the recruitment office in Buckingham Palace Road, some days the voices on there would be the only voices I heard all day except for my own. I use YouTube a little differently these days, you see it is very good for SEO ( search engine optimisation ) and most importantly brings your brand to a whole new audience, for those reasons I love YouTube and the fact you can see beautiful pictures ladies such as dior escorts. What has really killed it for me is all the adverts they now place everywhere. OK I know that you have got to make money but come on guys every video we load up we have to wait and select not to watch the advert, isn't there some way you could do this where we select if we want to even start watching adverts.

This leads me nicely onto how I got about building the videos we place on YouTube, most of the time I use the pictures of the girls add a banging sound track, a little clever editing and with a hour we have a promo clip that showcases what we have to offer, the best girls in London. Just recently James has been investing in having the girls filmed professionally, very upmarket. We have been using a great producer over in West London who captures the girls in such great lights; many of these videos are shoot in his studio but sometimes the girls are taken to locations, these are namely the five star hotels based around London, a suite is hired for the day and we can end up with around 5 girls being film. The footage that comes back from these is amazing and is such great fun when I have to do the editing, of course I only ever use a Mac, before coming to work here I was always PC based and thought that you couldn't get any better, being able to delve into the depths of programmes was really my thing but my mind has been changed, I have now joined the masses and a converted Apple fun whom worships at the altar of Steve Jobs, of course I will be going to see the film, bag of popcorn in one hand Mini IPad in the other.

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