Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Great Fashion Sense is Sexy

Beautiful women throughout the world understand the benefits of having a good dress sense and in many ways this is a way to enhance their features and beauty even further. Celebs are lucky enough to have people to ensure they look their best but many women have the natural talent to dress in an iconic way. The girls from agencies such as Carmens Secrets spend hours ensuring that they look their very best and match the celebrities on how they dress and in many ways look much better.

It is probably due to the joy of shopping that the models go and spend the time finding the most incredible outfits to wear out on their dates but it is for a love of fashion as well. If you are looking for a date for the evening that isn't just great looking but will turn heads with an elite and elegant sense of fashion.

Men may not be the most reliable at noticing fashion but they will notice if a girl is dressed wrong instantly. There are ways to accentuate the best features that you may have but even on a Saturday night in any town in the country there are so many people getting it wrong for their body type. If legs are your greatest asset then wear something short or if you are gifted with ample breasts then why not show them off to attract attention from the opposite sex. This is a trick women can use that men cannot, so why not exploit all that you can.

Some fashion mistakes from this week are here below and from the likes of a Kardashian this seems criminal but it is always nice to see that even the best dressed women can make a mistake from time to time.

Kim Kardashian:


Elizabeth Henstridge:

Katy Perry:

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