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Top 5 London Escort Agencies: Book London's finest escorts this December

A great way to enjoy everything London has to offer is to have that special someone by your side who you can share it with. Whatever your interests are, having that beautiful London escort accompany you through it makes any experience easier.

In today's Blogbullet article we are going to cover which London escort agencies are worth booking from, and more importantly:

The best London escort agency this December 2016

Let's take a look at some of the best contenders for London's finest & greatest escort agency this Winter shall we?

Crush escorts

Crush escorts caters to all types of clientele in London and is renowned for being one of the most well received escort services.

AJ London Escorts

When it comes to cheap London escort services AJ's is unmatched. Very good at short notice escort services in central London.

Northern Star escorts

Northern Star covers most of Southern England, including London. Flexible & quite dedicated.

Carmen's Secrets

Everyone who has been involved in the escort industry for a while has heard of Carmens Secrets, they are one of the oldest and most professional high class escort agencies in London.

Rachael's London escorts

Rachael's London escorts was very popular a few months back, it's strange not to see their girls everywhere anymore when they still provide the same great service!

How have we chosen these London escort agencies for this list?

We were looking for escort services that are home to many beautiful women, ladies who you can take on that romantic evening. A flexible agency that presents a large collection of call girls suitable for any occasion.

Of course these aren't the only parameters we included in our search. We are choosing the best London escort agency and that means better than every other escort service out there; such a choice cannot be awarded without due diligence.

So we have set up a simple procedure in place that allows us to evaluate London escorts & their agencies fairly. This involves booking 3 separate escorts from each business, and grading them on their performance and how candid the agency was in helping us set up the encounter.

Is this a foolproof way to judge escorts? No. Is it an acceptable way to score their agencies? Yep. After booking 3 companions from an agency, it's pretty easy to tell whether you like them and want to book escorts from them again.

Here is some more criteria we evaluated each London agency on:

  • Reputation - Some popular London escort services have improved their shenanigans over the years but we are looking for an agency with a fairly pristine record. No malpractices or ripping clientele off.
  • Reliability - Reliability is an important one. If you book from an agency and the escort doesn't turn up, then that automatically disqualifies you. The best London escort service is obviously well organised enough to keep all of their dates running smoothly with no errors.
  • Prices - While we all know that price is no indication of quality when it comes to booking London courtesans, we will factor price per hour & deals into our criteria. If you pay expensive rates for a standard escort service then you are disqualified. High class prices mean you better receive a high class experience!
  • Girls - This is obviously the major factor. The most significant way to judge an agency is by the quality of the call girls representing them. Without phenomenal London escorts providing an outstanding service, the rest of the criteria is useless. 
  • Website - Not a particularly big factor but a good website does you favors! Hard to use agency websites with poor navigation that is hard to use lose brownie points!
  • Overall booking experience - Quite simply, the overall escort experience from start to finish.
Of course the team here at is not entirely free from Bias, but we have tried to choose the best London escort agency this December with some virtue and without playing any favorites.

So, without further adieu, let's move on to the rankings: which London escort agency is the best out of the above contenders? Which takes the crown of the official best escort agency? Which business tried the best to accommodate our companionship needs? Who goes home in shame?

Okay, nobody really goes home in shame since all of the London escort services on the list are extremely popular and successful, but we have to make a fair decision on who beats who. Here is who we chose.

Finally, the best London escort agencies from worst to best!

5 - Runner up - AJ's London Escorts

Escort Lexi from AJ London escorts

While AJ's London escorts definitely deserves a position as one of the best agencies in London, due to their extremely affordable prices and chauffeur drivers bringing call girls to your doorstep, it doesn't amount to being a better all around escort agency than the others on this list.

Still, earning number 5 on our list is quite the achievement and we have only good things to say about the lovely ladies in the gallery.

When should you book from AJ's?
Always get on the phone to AJ's when you need a short notice appointment. They are usually quick to respond and deliver a no nonsense, no fuss London escort booking.

4 - Runner up - Northern Star

Sophia from Northern Star escorts

Similar to AJ's, Northern Star has an extended gallery of cheap escorts. However, what allows Northern Star to surpass AJ and earn position 4 on our list is the diverse range of categories and escorts on the site. Using the navigation you can easily find the exact type of companion you require.

A clean site & agency service that's easy to use, that's exactly what you will get when you book from Northern Star escorts.

When should you book from Northern Star?
We recommend heading to Northern Star escorts if you are looking for an appointment on the outskirts of London. They have a wide area of coverage.

3 - Position three - Rachael's London escorts

Escort Buffy at Rachael's London escorts

Rachael's London escorts is a popular London escort agency that never quite seems to get the attention it deserves. With a nice looking website and an extremely friendly approach to the business side of things, bookings from Rachael's are typically a pleasure from start to finish.

Make sure you take a look through the gallery, they have lots of London escorts & quite a few exclusive ladies.

When should you book from Rachael's London escorts?
Rachael's has earning position 3 on our list for top London escort agency because their services is all around great. We weren't able to find any fault through the 3 girls we booked. So book from them whenever, really.

2 - Position two - Crush Escorts

Tatiana Crush London escorts

Congratulations to Crush Escorts for earning position 2 on our list. They deserve it, as one of the hardest working escort agencies in London it's no surprise that they ranked highly on our list. Truly, Crush is easily the most dedicated and truly caring agencies working in the city.

If you haven't heard of Crush before, you must have been living under a rock. Fortunately now that you know, you can go and book one of their London escorts and see why we love this service.

When should you book from Crush Escorts?
Just like Rachael's and our number one winner below, Crush Escorts is an all around stellar escort service. You can book from them in any situation and feel safe knowing that nothing will go wrong with your punt.

1 - Best escort agency in London - Carmen's Secrets

Tania Carmen's Secrets escorts

Finally we're here and it's time to announce our number one winner for best London escort agency December 2016; Carmen's Secrets!

The Carmen's Secrets agency is distinctly high class from start to finish; and while we're not fond of those £600/hour rates, we can definitely get behind the groundbreaking experiences catered to by this business.

Carmen's Secrets earns position number one for several key reasons:

  • The most authentic high class escort service in London.
  • Providing to clientele for many years successfully, leaving a long line of satisfied customers.
  • International escorts that share the same statistics as found on the escort profile!
Overall, the quality of the punting experience we received from the Carmen's Secrets was way above and beyond that of other London agencies. The escorts turned up punctually and wearing exactly what was asked, they gave charming smiles and impeccably kept the conversation fire burning and interesting; and well the rest, we'll leave that behind closed doors but it was indeed amazing.

When should you book from the Carmen's Secrets?
Due to the exceptionally large price tag attached to an hour with one of Carmen's Secrets escorts, we'd only recommend booking from them if you have a high enough expendable income to pay for a date.

However, if you are able to cough up the cash we can honestly say you are in for one of the best escort experiences of your life.

In conclusion ~
We hope you have found our top London escort agencies list useful, we had to spend a lot of money on escorts to make it (£2400 on Carmen's Secrets companions alone!).

If you are looking for a London escort this Winter, we highly recommend you pick one of the websites on this list to book from! Every agency here is exceptional; you can't go wrong with any of them.

Enjoy & happy punting!

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