Friday, 21 March 2014

Asian Residential Investors in London

Its been well documented in recent weeks, off the volume of Asian businessmen investing in Central London residential properties. It has lead to a real life monopoly situation of increasingly spiraling house prices leaving areas such as Belgravia and Marylebone as some of the most expensive areas in the world. This increasing house prices has lead to some negative affects the economy, pricing out Londoners who cannot afford to live in the city and leaving some of the most expensive properties in the capital uninhabited as the owners chose to live elsewhere in their numerous properties around the world. The latest update on this story is that the Asian investors feel largely unwelcome in London.

Despite investing large quantities of money and improving the general London economy, one of the most pressing issues is that Asian investors are driving out local Londoners out of their homes. The Asian investors are growing increasingly worried of anti foreigner sentiment for both the British public and the government implementing new tax laws similar to that already existing in Asia.

Britain has proved a tax haven for foreign investors looking for a sure fire way to make a solid return on their investment. However, as of April 2015, foreign investors will have to pay capital gains tax on any property sale profits. Currently, the only people paying the tax and residents who own more than one property at a 28 percent rise on any increase in value.

For the first time, questions are now beginning to be asked whether the negatives of foreign investment are starting to out way the positives. The average price for a Central London surpassed £1 million for the first time in its history forcing many of the locals to look elsewhere in search of more affordable housing. According to Knight Frank, Asian investors are responsible for as much as 70 per cent of new home purchases in London, all in countries with tries in Britain in one way of the other.

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