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What to expect from running an escort agency in the UK

Starting an escort agency in the UK

In present society UK law makes it entirely legal to run an escort service,  as long as you adhere to a few rules and make sure you pay your taxes correctly, you are untouchable by the law.

Today's Blogbullet article is about starting an escort agency. We will cover all the basic aspects on the subject, from legal repercussions getting the business off the ground.

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Escort Agencies & the law

If you are looking for the exact law stating running an escort agency is legal, unfortunately it is quite ambigious. Check this article out from the BBC, it outlines the general concept and explains how you can run an escort service in the UK without getting into trouble with the law.

The basic concept implies that while escorting itself is entirely legal, soliciting customers for sexual services is not. Therefore with careful uses of English and subtle implication, you can conduct business & escort encounters entirely without explicitly mentioning anything about sex.

Potential Legal repercussions

Escort agencies get shut down all the time, the escorts themselves scatter off to other service providers but the owners can be hit with a hefty fine & in some extreme cases face a jail sentence. Just look at the news, you can find plenty of cases of this happening.

So if the police clamp down on escort providers regularly, doesn't it seem stupid to run an agency?
If you run an escort service professionally and with some standard of ethic, the likelihood of you running into trouble with the law is next to none.

Article headline of agency owner arrested
See above: Escort Agency owner is arrested, not for running an escort service, but for stealing benefits.
Take a look at the article headline above. This woman was arrested for benefit fraud. In most cases escort agency owners are arrested for crimes unrelated to the actual running of the service itself. Most common arrest relate either to tax evasion or running a brothel.

In summary, you can run an escort service without getting into trouble with the law; just keep your nose clean & get an accountant to do your taxes!

Although it's quite obvious that the laws on UK escorts have become lenient in recent years, it's always best to cover yourself & your business legally. For more confirmation on escorting laws than this, it might be best to consult a lawyer.

But why would you set up an escort agency? What is the point?

Image of an escort agency girl showing off her earnings.

The point of setting up an agency or escort service in your local area is simple. It's lucrative. The profit margins are huge. If you can afford to hire a receptionist, the business runs itself autonomously too!

You will find lots of individuals investing a little bit of time & money into a niche escort website, and using it to supplement their day job income. Whether you go in for a penny or a pound, running an escort service can return your money & more.

Here's some of the benefits you may or may not enjoy if you successfully set up a place to introduce client & companion:

  • Additional revenue that's excellent to top off your monthly earnings..
  • Potentially a primary source of income if run correctly.
  • Regular contact with working girls.
  • Escort agencies can run themselves while you take a cut.

With all of this potential, it's easy to see why people try to run their own adult entertainment business and set up gentlemen with seductive vixens across the country.

All it takes is a clean cut site, a few pretty ladies who offer incalls or outcalls locally, and one or two interested customers and you are in the money! That's what it seems like anyway.

So running a UK escort service is an easy way to obtain cash?

While the possible earnings are incredibly enticing, don't go running off and making a Kickstarter yet.

Running an escort service in the UK can potentially net you inconceivable amounts of money in the short term, but only as long as there are clients bookings your escorts and your escorts are handing over your finders fee.

Getting all of the cogs oiled and turning smoothly isn't as easy as you might initially think. Keep on reading if you think you have what it takes to get your own escort business in the United Kingdom.

The recipe: Everything you need for an agency

Now for the basics. Below is everything you need to get your own escort service running in a handy checklist. Make sure you don't forget one!
Recipe Mix image
  • An escort website. This is arguably the most important part of your service. You need a website that makes it easy for clients to come on and find a companion that suits their desires. Getting a good agency website requires a skilled web developer and a digital marketing specialist for your advertising campaign.
  • Escorts. Whether you know some working girls by word of mouth or you have to put in some hours of sending out emails & calls, you need to be in touch with at least a few professional companions. Preferably ladies you know you can trust to pay their fair share when you bring them a customer!
  • A phone line. A working line for either you or your receptionist to take bookings. Many professional agencies have two lines for busy evenings! Mobile lines are fine but a landline number may be more credible for your business.
  • Customers. While kerb crawling and hanging around on street corners is still illegal in the UK, the internet provides a safe place to let people know about your service. There are ultimately endless ways to promote your courtesans using the web, you can even publish an ad here on Blog Bullet for a small fee!
If you have everything on this list achieved then your escort service should be drawing in a profit. If not, you must be overspending to run your business!

Things to consider before opening your escort agency

When you set up an escort agency anywhere in the UK there are certain considerations that must be taken into account. Too often do we hear of people setting up an agency and thinking that it is a little input, big output kind of business.

Here are some of the things you need to consider before you are ready:

  1. Are you prepared to expose your life to the adult industry? While it's one of the most lucrative, it's not the most glamorous. Can you handle having your personal life brought into it?
  2. What if your family members or other people in your lives inadvertently find out? Will they be upset?
  3. Can you handle working with escorts, male or female? The adult entertainment business in the UK is no longer sleazy, but these sex workers all have lives and bills to be paid. Can you take control and ensure everything goes smoothly?
  4. What about the start up costs? While we have seen countless people generate a fortune from becoming a provider, the starting up costs of an agency can range from insignificant to extreme depending on your luck and who you work with.
  5. How fair are you going to be? All escort agencies in the UK make their money by taking a cut of the profits earned by the ladies on the site. You can be fair and make less money and provide a better service, but being stingy also brings up your profit margin significantly.
  6. Legalities. Escorting is legal in the UK by a slim margin. You have to stay on top of this otherwise you can get in trouble with the law for being negligent.

The truth unfortunately is that nothing comes for free in life, and getting your escort agency popular and bringing consistent income requires some hard work and effort to get established. People overlook this fact and invest their money uselessly. Don't be one of those people.

The truth about escort agencies is that it seems the days of leaving cards in telephone booths have long gone. The best way to become successful is to use SEO or search engine optimisation to rank your website at the top of Google search for a specific keyword. There are many different companies that offer this service and many even specialise in the adult industry as it is a completely different creature for SEO. On Google it can be a fine line between earning millions or struggling to make ends meet.

There are some very successful agencies online that have embraced the power of branding and have expanded their reach and chosen their keywords carefully to reach their target audience.

An example of good UK escort services

X Girls X website screenshot
See above: Screenshot of X Girls X.

X Girls X is a prime example of a competitive agency in the UK embracing the image of the business and made themselves into a corporation in the escort world. Although X Girls X has been a prominent provider of companionship & adult services in London for a long time, they have recently undergone a site overhaul to keep their brand fresh and cater to what modern customers want.

This is the best way to become established and a known name within the industry. Treat your agency like any other business that you might run. Invest, brand yourself and have a clear direction that you would like to move in.

Bubbles website screenshot
See above: The homepage of Bubbles escorts.

Another example of a beautifully laid out escort agency website that reacts to the user is Bubbles escorts. While I cannot commend their use of fonts, the site is extremely crisp and intuitive to use. It immediately lends credibility and encourages people to feel safe when booking. The content is clean and the girls are all laid out well.

We do not believe that we have the answers to make you a success in this guide, but we can offer tips and tricks that will be both informative and helpful to you as an agency owner. Be sure to check back for updates.

Last update: 5/12/2016

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